Guppy sexing
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Guppy sexing

This is a discussion on Guppy sexing within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Does anyone know at what age, size ext... that you can tell what sex the guppy will be. I am looking in my tank ...

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Guppy sexing

Does anyone know at what age, size ext... that you can tell what sex the guppy will be. I am looking in my tank and it looks like theyare all female to me. I have noticed that even most all of my large fish are female. Is that normal?

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u can usually start sexing them at 3 to 4 weeks old or a half inch
with some types of fish only females are available at you lfs with some mostly males but with most fish both sexes are available it realy depends on the type of fish
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Guppies start to show signs of their sex after a few weeks. Yor best indicator will be the presence/absence of the gravid spot.

As for your male/female ratio, you want to aim for 3-4 females for each male. Since the males are constantly trying to mate with the females, this will allow them to spread the harassment to other females, allowing the mated female to recover.

It should also be known that female guppies can store the males sperm for 3+ months. Is is not uncommon for you to find pregnant guppies long after any males have been removed from the tank.
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