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yeah a small 3" fish net is only 99 cents here :)
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This is also great if you ever what Dwarf shrimp in your tank. I have Yellow shrimp, Red cherry shrimp, Indian Tiger shrimp all in different tanks with a netting so the tiny babies do not get sucked up. Dwarf shrimps do not require a big tank also they can be in a 3 gal. with a good filter and water changes as they are senstive to Nitrate,nitrite,ammonia. I like them as they clean up any bits of food that goes to the bottom.certain species have to be with their own kind as they will interbreed and produce a ugly brown color with you do not want. They eat algae also.
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i have 5 ghost shrimp in my 20gal and my roommate had 3 int his 5gal when it was his but they all seemed to "disappear" they were big ones too i dunno what happened to them
would they have just died and my dojos eat the corpse?
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so last night i was gandering at my guppies and i noticed one wasnt om nom noming when i put in their noms
SO i gandered harder! her tum tum looked FLAT like very flat so as a precaution i took her out of her 5gal tank and put her into a 1 gal betta tank
normally id like to watch them drop the babies but it was 3am so ii couldnt stay up n watch her
i woke up this morning to [one sec ill go count] 11-13 babies in my 1gal tank
i just randomly looked down when my mommy called to tell me about my doctors appointment tomorrow and i was like "ONE MINUTE!" and i THREW the phone onto my bed and grabbed my net as quick as i can
i moved the female back into the 5 gallon tank and now im worried about my precious fry D:

im hoping these survive but what do i do?!
what should i feed them?
the water is unfiltered so how do i handle that? a cup n do 50% water changes each day?
im so worried right now D: i dont want my babies to die again :(


i just noticed im a linking member *squee* i feel so proud :)
thank you ;D
any help would be amazing
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The betta will eat the fry that she had. put the betta in a small bowl and keep the babies in the 5 gal. tank to grow up in. If the tank does not have a filter you need to do water changes a couple of times a week. Add plactic plants or real plants at all levels for the babies to hide in. feed finely crushed flake food . I put this in a small container with a toothpick and dip the toothpick in water then in the food and back in the tank. I feed the babies twice a day. You should invest in a small filter for that tank. remember to put a netting or sponge over the intake so the baby fish do not get sucked up in it.
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nono i dont have a betta :P
its a betta tank
ill post some pics at the bottom of this post
my 5gal does have a filter
its an Elite Hush 10 for 5-15 gallon tanks
i do need to get netting for it if i do end up putting the babies in there
but last time i did they all died so im sketchy
would it be bad to keep them in the little tank?
i dont have a lot of plants and no job so i cant buy more :(
i dont feel like theyd be safe in the 5 gallon D:
ive also got nutrafin staple food pellets
they dissolve and break apart
could i drop one of those in or no?

here are the photos i just took to show you what the little tank looks like
[the floating things are fish flakes i tried my hardest to break up tiny tiny]

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how long does it normally take for the fry to be big enough to put into the main tank?
big enough so they wont get eaten
[mine are in a little fry tank right now]
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What you do now is feed them crushed flake food frequently and do a half gallon water change every day because you do not have a cycled filter on their tank.
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well i found out that the thing that was attached to my air pump in my 5 gal was a sponge filter so i put that in the little tank
and i still have my Elite Hush 10 on my five gal

i just dont feel like its a lot of space for them because the sponge filter takes up the entire center of the little tank lol

so i was curious as to how long they need to stay in there
they were born on the 16th :)
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I would leave any fry for at last 2 weeks and do frequent water changes, even if you have a filter. At the end of 2 weeks, have a look at your fry. If they are big enough they are, time is really not a factor in this process but size is.
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