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Thanks and i left you a little reply to

I believe it was like 2.00 per 4 inches if i remember right i have a horrible memory the ecspecially since im young.
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:) did you see my edit on the last post on the first page of this thread?
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No ill look at it.
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aww i just looked and counted and i can only find 8 of my fry!
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I always hagve more then i count so maybe you forgot to count some.
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i hope they're hiding cuz i only found two at this morning's feeding :(
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post #17 of 32 Old 09-13-2009, 02:12 PM
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They probaly are.
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floating plants are a big life saver for tiny guppy fry. I put plastic or real. To bad you do not have a breeder net to put the males in. I have a 6 gal. tank just for all the males and a 5 gal. just for all the females. If not the males chase the females everywhere. Sometimes it is best just to have all male guppies as the females have babies every month. 2-3 females to 1 male is the right ratio. I have a community 55 gal. that has 1 lg. angelfish, 2 bosesmani rainbows to take care of excess baby guppy fry. Some will survive in your plants also don't forget to cover your intake filter with pantyhose or somekind of netting or sponge as the babies will get sucked up in the filter.
Here is a good web-site for Guppy help:
Guppy Information
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maybe they got sucked up my filter then D:
i dont have any floating plants but i have other plants and stuff [pics in my aquarium log]
how would I get the panty hose to stay there? elastic or just the suction from the filter?
i do have three males and i think four females which isnt good
two of the females arent matured either i dont think
they are really tiny
not like fry tiny but still tiny
maybe less than half the size of my other two females
i saw a female go into the coconut today so thats good shows she knows where to hide [lol i just looked up and saw her come out of the coconut :) cutey]
ill have to take all this into account for the next time they have babies
i have a little betta aquarium its like 1g probably
i was going to put her in that but i was just to amazed at the fact she has having babies that i didnt think about it
then the two females look so much alike i didnt know which was which :(
i figured it would be bad to move her if she had already started dropping anyway
i wish the males would leave them alone for a bit

thanks for the help Eileen :)
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post #20 of 32 Old 09-13-2009, 04:32 PM
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I use plastic tie wraps from the electrical section on the hardware store. Most people just use a rubberband. Any netting like a fish net with small holes is fine. Or a sponge to go over the opening to the intake filter. You don't want to block the intake to much. I used a hose that was not that fine and had small holes. sometimes you can get netting at a fabric store with small holes or just buy a cheap fish net and use that over the intake.
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