Guppy giving birth for a week?
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Guppy giving birth for a week?

This is a discussion on Guppy giving birth for a week? within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I've had two female and one male guppy for about 6 months . They've had a few large, successful pregnancies, although I've been making ...

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Guppy giving birth for a week?
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Guppy giving birth for a week?

I've had two female and one male guppy for about 6 months . They've had a few large, successful pregnancies, although I've been making no attempt to save the fry so they've mostly been eaten.

Last week one of my guppies was giving birth and while I watched about 5 fry popped out, all healthy except for one with a runty tail which fell to the bottom to be eaten by my corys. 8 days later there are about 20 very healthy surviving fry, more than ever before and she was *still* squared off hiding in a plant acting very shy. That day she gave birth to 5 or 10 more fry, but they were all dead. Also, I've noticed one or two of the surviving fry have curved spines, which I've never seen survive this long. I haven't kept any of her previous babies until they were old enough to breed with her, so she's not inbreeding with her children. This is definitely the largest pregnancy she's had.

I just wanted to check if everything is alright with this guppy? I've never seen a guppy give birth over such a long period of time, and I was worried that all of the fry at the end came out dead. Pretty sure it's nothing to worry about, but I just thought I'd check!

(Also, don't worry about the 2 with the curved spines, if they survive I'll give these away to be used as feeder fish, as I'm fully aware that they shouldn't breed!)
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It sounds like a series of births that were actually different batches. I don't know for sure that guppies do this but there are fish that will carry multiple batches in different stages of developement and can give birth for a couple weeks. The Tiger shark I think is one that does this. The first ones born actually feed on the eggs and younger ones in the womb to survive. Bring a whole new light to survival of the fittest.

As for the curved spines, I saw this when I bred feeder guppies but only when I under fed them and they didn't get a good variety of foods. When I started to feed them Grindal worms, blood worms, pellets, flakes, peas and a lot of different stuff the babies were much healthier and they rarely ate any of the offspring.
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