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I found this website that was really helpful. I have it saved on my favorites. Read the story on how she got started it is really quite funny.
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if you have a 2g tank wont you need a heater and filter or just rely on room temp
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I had a 2.5 gal. and I bought a heater for a 2-5 gal. tank. Walmart carries a preset heater for 2-5 gal. for about $7. I also bought a nice canister filter form Pet Supplies | Dog & Cat Supplies, Pet Meds | Pet Products it's called a Azoo palm filter made for nano tanks of 2-5 gal. works like a big canister filter. Just type in Azoo Palm filter in the search field. These are nicer then the ones you buy at the Petco or Petsmart. Drsfostersmith also carrys a few other small filters for 2 gal or bigger but The Azoo Palms are great I bought 2 of them for my dwarf shrimp tank which was a 2.5 gal and a 3 gal. It's always good to have a good filter and a heater for your tropical fish.
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Hi! Welcome to the wonderful world of guppy breeding! I breed guppies too and i have been breeding for about a year! Now breeding can be as easy as putting a male and a few females together!(the males go nuts!XD) But in my experience i have found a few things out:

1. You are gonna need i a bit more than java moss. You will need (Sound the trumpets.) A breeders net!! A breeders net is a handy little device used to separate the preggo female from her babies becuase if given the opportunity she WILL eat her fry!!!!! I recomend the kind with a v shape divider.

2. I find that the males you can by at pet stores at least the adults aren't really interested in breeding so i would either do i1 of these2 things:

Option1. Buy a pregant female that has a colorful tail ( Or a yellow one my males go nuts over her)

Option2. Buy a few females ( 3 females to 1 male!) and 1 or 2 males believe it or not from the feeder fish tank! The feeder fish sometime include juvenile guppiess and some are quite pretty. The reason is that i have found the juveniles ( not fry but are in thier highest interest and capability for breeding.) to want to breed while adults dont even care about it.

Now all you have to do is either wait for the girl to give bith and raise the babies until they have there full colors and are too big to fit in the biggest fish's mouth. Then watch them go wild over the adults!!! Or just put the feeder male guppies in with the females.

Now you said you are doing this for fun not fpr profit? Well good for you but believe me those crazy fish breed like rabbits! ( no wonder they are called the millions fish!) So you are gonna need to get rid of them somehow no? So i suggest that if you dont want to make money try giving them to whoever wants them and has the right supplies and conditions for such wonderful fish! Have fun!
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