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Guppy birthing yellow balls

This morning my guppy gave birth to about 20 yellow balls. 1 looks like it has a tiny dead fry in it but all the others are clear. She did the same thing about a month ago but then it was only about 10 balls. She still loooks quite large and her gravid spot is still dark and i can see black dots in it. She has now resumed swimming around the tank and poking around in the gravel.
Why is she not having fry?
I have a 15 gallon tank with 2 female guppies and 1 male guppy, 4 zebra fish and 2 neons in it. Ammonia and nitrites are 0 and nitrates are 20.
Thanks for any help.
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something is likely stressing her out continually and she won't hold the fry to term.

Some meds can also cause this,
Have you recently used any in this tank

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No i've never used meds in the tank.
It's been 31 days between the 2 drops so i'd have thought they would have been ready.
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What are the water parameters?

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^^ genius

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Ammonia 0
Nitites 0
Nitrates 20
Ph 7.2

She is still happilly swimming around and eating as normal but she is still huge with a large black gravid spot in which i can see darker spots.
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thats premature birth
from a video i saw
a guppy was giving birth to yellow eggs
and dey said it was premature birth
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guppy abortion

110 gallon
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Aww sad! I'm sorry. I had a Molly that did this because I thought she was ready to give birth, being a huge novice at the time, and put her in a breeding net. She got so stressed out. She "laid" 2 stillborn fry and the rest were yellow balls. She ended up dying a few days later. So, are you putting her in anything that may stress her out? Are the other fish picking on her? Is the male harassing her?

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i have to agree with the stress factor postd above... you water seems fine.... is there any way that she could be isolated on one side of the tank for a month or so to see if she comes to term.... if she is able to have a live birth after being separated then you know its stress for sure.....

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show us a pic, maybe we can figure out whats stressing her?
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