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Not very long. At about two weeks of age, my guppy fry are big enough that the adults mostly ignore them. At this size, even when the adults *do* go after them, the little guys are fast enough to get away. It can take a long time for them to get to full size, though. I've got a guppy fry from my females' first drops at the end of May that's still not a full-sized guppy.

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ok is there any sign that a guppy is about to give birth?
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well when she looks fit to burst,she may hide away in the plants
for some peace from the husstle and bustle of the tank.
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black gravid spot by the anal fin, it will get darker and darker as the pregnancy progresses as well as the fish being nice and plump.
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i know about the gravid spot and its up to her butt and its dark she is in a nurser so she cant eat her babys is there anything else?
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I think I know the kind of thing that you are talking about. Is it a square plastic thing to hang/float in the tank with a V shaped insert that the fry can fall through to avoid being eaten? If so, she may be stressed out and that is why she did not drop all her fry. Honestly, I have had guppies for years, and unless you have someone who will take the babies, or a ton of tanks, you will soon be overrun. I know it sounds mean, but just letting her be in the tank will be the least stressful for her. Yes, many of the fry will get eaten, but the strongest will survive. Even this way guppies still have a way of overrunning a tank. If you want to seriously breed them, a small breeder tank would be better than a nursery box. As for now, if you really want the babies, I would just let her get used to being in the box and try to keep stress down to a minimum. She should drop them sometime. If however she starts to look physically bad I would remove her and just let nature take its course.
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ive tryed that for about six months already and i never have any new babys thats why i got the a tank with a v thing in side so i can get some. im not very worryed about be overrun with guppies as i have chiclids that i feed them too but they are not so cheap at 2.75 for just one thats why i bought a bunch so they could breed. the tank i bought for the guppy to have her babys in is the medium size one so its not very small also i have her surrounded by plants on three of four sides so i can see her and she can have her space with out the other fish bothering her i leave the top off so i can feed her easy with out moving the tank to much and i put her in it well before she ready to have the babys so she isnt stressed out so i dont know what else to do
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the fact that she is confined to the small space for so long is probably leading to her hold off on the birth. she shouldn't go into the breeding trap until the very last minute. she'll be stressed the whole time she's segregated from the other fish.
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