green terror eggs
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green terror eggs

This is a discussion on green terror eggs within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> i noticed my green terror laid eggs last night and she is guarding them sadly i have no male for her i mean i ...

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green terror eggs

i noticed my green terror laid eggs last night and she is guarding them sadly i have no male for her i mean i have a male firemouth but he dosent go near the eggs she wont let him well im selling the FM and planning to get a male my question is if i do get a male is a 100% that they will pair or will they say eww that an ugly chick and not pair and just but two fish in a tank?i have a 55 gallon is that ok for them for a pair of GT's? any other advice on this subject would be nice as i never breed fish i only kept them for years :D
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Pairing is possible, maybe even probable, if he doesn't kill her first.

If you were on a deserted island, just you and a girl, it wouldn't matter how homely she was, would it? She may even feel the same way about you. lol

You may need to rehome the "terrors" as they mature and grow larger. So, start saving your change.
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Any male should do in your case, especially since your female is the established fish in the tank. She will not kill him the moment he's put in the tank. I would say the 55 gallon will make a perfect tank for a pair of GT's, they're pretty stout fish so aquarium width won't be a problem. Give them some structure and a few large flat surfaces for her to lay on, and you're golden. Oh be careful selecting a male, if its not too late, GT's are hard to distinguish as juveniles. If you get lucky...some juvenile males will start showing a nuchal hump on they're forehead which is a dead give away, and a good sign of health and dominance. Hope this helps good luck.
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thanks i got her a male but i didnt want to get a male smaller than her so i ended up getting one like 5x her size its harmony at the moment lets hope it stays that way
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