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Gravid Krib? What's going on here?

I have a pair of kribs that have produced a healthy batch of fry for me. I was finally able to turn in the fry for store credit. Since they reared that bunch, the pair had laid another batch of eggs on some driftwood. I removed the driftwood to another tank and the eggs were eaten by some hungry snails and cories. I have since removed the male to another tank. For some reason, the female has been showing her mating coloration for the past few days and acting somewhat aggressive. She's got a big ol' fat belly and is bright red. Just now, I saw her digging out the area under the driftwood, as if in preparation to lay another batch of eggs. What's going on here? Will she lay the eggs even if there's no one around to fertilize them? She's not going to lay them and defend them, is she?

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Unfortunately I think she will, cichlids have been known to do that. However, the eggs will just rot since they're infertile, so you should remove them and hopefully she'll lay off the aggression once the eggs are gone.
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D'oh! Well, she hasn't laid any yet, so I guess I'll just keep an eye out for them. Thanks!

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