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goldfish laying eggs

Hello everyone..I have a problem. I have one ranchu, one celestral, one fancy, two hamanishiki, and one moor and one pleco in a tank....who layed the eggs ? They are white therefore not fertilized, very small the size of the end of a pencil slightly used. I am assuming not the moor or ranchu as they are quite large themselves. I have never had any eggs before and am quite surprised. Any guesses ?? Thanks
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hello there,
are they in a pond or in a tank ?
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Hi willow ...I had to take a second look at what I did say tank but perhaps I should classified what size? They are in a 180, for over 3 years now. Everyone seems quite happy eating the eggs. I am assuming the ranchu and moor are over 3 yrs old as we have had them for over 3.5 years now.The hamanishiki ..we have had them for about 2 years and the fancy we saved from a bad situation (has only one eye now) Really do not know her approx age. And the celestral we picked up cause she has an extra fin and wasn't fairing well. Her we have had for about 1.5 yrs now. Actually I refer to them all as "she" but I really have no clue as to what sex any of them are. As for the pleco (our precious sucky face) Is at least 3 years. We had a real problem with the tank about 3 months ago and lost one of our ranchu and one very large fancy. It was a sad day. The tank is just now doing well. I hope I have given you more info to go on. I was really surprised that there were eggs considering the problem we had not long ago....but .... there they are ! Thanks for any help !
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hmmm i have not delt with goldfish laying eggs in a tank before,
only in the pond situation,so i don't know if i'm of any use to you.
in the pond,ususlly there is plenty of thrashing around in the pond plants,
usually in a shallow part,eggs are layed by the female and then a male will fertilize them,htey stick to the pond plants,
ususlly the other fish will come along and have a good feed,then
whatever is left will later hatch.i loved it.the babies were black in colour
and would later change to the gold colour we know,having said that
depending on the male who managed to fertilize to the colour the babies are.
not sure why yours were not fertile,unless you have no male.
really it could have been any of them,it will happen again,so it may be a case of watch this space lol.
i hope i have helped a bit. :)not really the answer i wanted to give you though.
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Hi willow. Thanks for the reply. Wow that must have been something to see in your pond ! I would love to have witnessed that. We went to a fish outlet and they told me what to look for to help determine who was a he and a she. I have narrowed it down to one eyed susy (fancy) or Lance (ranchu) as being female ( guess I should change her name hey !) the rest I just can't seem to see to clearly but the hamanishiki both appear to be male...I think. Oh well we will just have to wait and see. I don't suppose you know about how long before it may happen again ?? I am told you can really tell the sex at that time so I would like to watch for it if possible to see if any get the male tell signs. white spots on gills and area. Thanks !
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yes in the pond it really is a thing to see.
umm if i remember rightly this went on for a couple of days,
with two different females,the female fish would be chased by the male,
and i mean really chased the poor love !!
then she would go into the plants,more to the plants in the shallow water area,she would be practically wedged in the plants,and the female would
shake and the male shake also,then they would have a mad fit of eating eggs,along with the others,how any survived i'll never know. :)
any chance you could have a pond ?
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Hi there. Well there is a pond story....we had one 2 summers ago but it did not work out well for us. After much heartache and way to much $ spent we finally admitted defeat. It is really hard to do a pond here apparently due to the weather. It can be a little warm in the summer (high 30s to low 40s celcius) and dry as a bone. Algae is a real problem and as we slowly comprehended waaay more work than we had thought. In winter you must have at least 2 meters of water depth and a really good heater or you must bring them all in. Goes to -40 ish Celcius at any given time for a week or so and then a chinook rolls in and voila you are back up to just below 0 to -15 below. We say here "if ya don't like the weather wait a minute...." All in all we bought another 180 gallon and closed the pond. We are much happier now recently we shut down one of the 180s and give our koi and his playmates to a man that has a 4000 gal pond ( his entire back yard pretty much) He came over with a friend and spotted our Larry (koi) and really wanted him and I couldn't say no to a great life for Larry. He has over 60 koi to play with now and is doing great ! We have just recently turn one of the 180 into a cichlid tank, all african, and are learning what amazing fish they are. We have 24 now and hope to introduce another 20. I guess I should update my tank info...when I figure out how to do that lol...computor wizard I am not. Do you have a pond still???
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hay there.
nope, no more pond.there were a few things going on in my life
a few years back
and too many animals,some things had to go,and the pond
was one of them,the fish i donated to the Cemetary,where
they have a lovely pond,so when i take flowers for my step-daughter and
my mother & father in-law i get to see the fish :)
sounds like you have some crazy weather out there.
glad Larry went to a good home,makes it a little bit easier
if you know they are going to a good home.
i can't think off the top of my head how to change the tank information,
you could always ask in the "how to use the forum " section,
it will be explained in there,and don't worry,i'm not the brightest button
on the shirt when it comes to computer stuff either lol.
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