gold barbs
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gold barbs

This is a discussion on gold barbs within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> does anybody know anything about breeding gold barbs...

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gold barbs

does anybody know anything about breeding gold barbs
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I would say it is similar to breeding most other barb species. Egg-scatterers that will eat the eggs if they get the chance.

What type of gold barbs are we talking here? There are Puntius gelius (I currently have a school of) and they were bought as gold barbs, and then there is Puntius sachsii (which I used to have) and many other "gold barbs". I had 2 male and 4 female Puntius sachsii and while they were displaying courting behavior in the 10 gallon I was keeping them in at one time none of the fry ever survived, not sure if any eggs even made it to a hatching point.
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they are puntius sachsii
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