Glo-lite Tetra question
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Glo-lite Tetra question

This is a discussion on Glo-lite Tetra question within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I seem to have purchased a pregnant Glo-lite, she's being followed by the rest of the glo-lites, and appears to 'drop' one egg here ...

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Glo-lite Tetra question
Old 11-01-2008, 07:57 PM   #1
Question Glo-lite Tetra question

I seem to have purchased a pregnant Glo-lite, she's being followed by the rest of the glo-lites, and appears to 'drop' one egg here and there, but altho I've put a clay pot in there so she can 'relieve' her problem, she won't use it.

Another tank mate is a pregnant-seeming neon tetra. I have only three neon's and six glo-lites. They are in a community tank with three pregnant female betta's, a male betta, two cory fish, and a chinese algae eater. In a betta condo, I have two new HM females from a breeder.

My fiance & I are breeding the CT couple we have, they have produced a healthy amount of fry, and both are back in their home tank... but the female immediately got pregnant again & spread this to the other two females we purchased at the same time as we got the CTF.

Of course, the Tetra's seemed to be pregnant from the beginning. Just wondering what we can do to relieve their bellies. Any suggestions would be great. I am not interested in keeping any eggs safe, just relieving the females so they can enjoy their tanks & tank mates.

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I forgot to mention that all these guys are in a 37 gal Eclipse with live plants & a few places to hide in like a rock, a rock formation from the LPS, and a coliseum from a LPS too. I have large and small gravel in the bottom of the tank. My fiance tends to change the water or clean the tank once a month, unless he sees a problem creep up.

Just thought this would help anyone reading this to respond to my inquiry.
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