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Originally Posted by cerianthus View Post
Af Cichlids foster parenting when she was not nurturing her own brood recently??
Hard to believe. i would figure fry would be eaten. Keep us posted

thats how synodontis multipunctus produce. the catfish watch for the cichlids to breed go in steel the cichlid egg and leave one of there own. the cichlid sees the eggs thinks it heres and picks it up. the catfish eggs stays in her mouth with some of her eggs and is held jsut as if it were hers. she doesnt even know its not hers
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I just wanted to do a bit of a follow up on this story.

Mr/Ms guppy probably died or was eaten :( And the eggs she may have been carrying were aborted. There was simply to much stress in the tank.

But the next time I noticed that she was swimming in the corner and had a mouth full of something I put her in my goldfish tank.

She really liked it in that tank. Didn't bother anybody. Except my chinese algae eater. They like to pick fights with each other. But either one can easily go hide somewhere else, so I let them settle their problems.

And after 2-3 weeks she finally started eating and was acting very hyper....Once again I thought she aborted the babies. So I put her back in her rightful tank and that was that.

5 days later........I'm looking in my goldfish tank and notice some baby guppies huddled in a corner near the bottom.(I keep small guppies with my goldfish) I thought. "thats weird, usually they hang out near the middle or top"

Then it hit me. SHE ACTUALLY DID IT! SHE HAD BABIES!! I counted 5 little purple cichlids for sure. They are unbelievably small. And I seriously wonder how a fish that small can think, see, eat, digest and be alive in general!

I'll get some pictures posted soon. They like to hide. They are smart little guys.
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wow that is so cool!! cant wait for the pics!
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Had to say this about your pretty fish now................ but it reminds me of my old boss...that facial expression...just like

~ Life Is Too Short, Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly, Laugh Uncontrollably And Never Regret Anything that Made You Smile.
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So here are some pictures FINALLY.

After I put them in this tank they would hide alot. So that made taking pictures almost impossible.

Now they swim around with all the other fishies and it's still nearly impossible to take pictures of them!! :P
They look just like big ones but with BIG eyes.

Those are regular sized marbles there. Except for that Really big one.


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Originally Posted by Angel079 View Post
Had to say this about your pretty fish now................ but it reminds me of my old boss...that facial expression...just like

that is really funny
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AWEE!! they r so cute!! im so glad it all worked out!!



20 GALLON- 2 female guppies, 20 fry(born 11-26-10)
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good deal!! :) very cute!!!

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder
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how can you keep goldfish with guppies aint guppies tropical and goldfish coldwater?
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Thought you'd enjoy those.

As for keeping guppies with goldfish.....My tank is pretty big. And obviously the water is at room temperature. My house is kept at 70f.

Also take into account the water filter, the light bulb that I have sitting very close to the water surface and the direct sunlight that tank
gets and you end up with warmer water probably 21-22'C. I can't really make it any colder for the goldfish. And after 9 years it looks
plenty healthy.

The guppies I threw in at a young age. And I don't keep their tanks water much warmer than room temp. Can't remember the exact number.
At first the guppies would hang around closer to the light bulb at the top of the water where it's warmer. But after a month they swim
around all over the place. They acclimatize and seem happy to me. Plus it makes the tank look nicer.

And that's how it's done.
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