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The funniest/cuttest thing.

So my african cichlid has had eggs in her mouth for at least a week or more now. And I've been keeping an eye on her.

One day while transfering some floating leave things from my guppy tank to my cichlid tank A FRY was caught up in the net and was soon chased around the tank. I thought it was eaten and really didn't care too much. The other guppies probably would of ate it anyways.

Now about 5 days later I was looking real close at my cichlids mouth to see if the eggs had changed into fish yet! :)

And guess who I found..

It was the guppy fry nestled away in her mouth. It didn't look comfy though :P

But it made me have a good laugh. And also let me know that she will probably be a good mother.

Just wanted to share that with some one.

P.S. I was a member at another website but couldn't find it for the life of me.
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Welcome to the forum. How funny that your guppy fry found the perfect place to hide, for now anyway. Any chance of a pic?

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Welcome to the forum Rudy!
Very cute story! Thanks for sharing!
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thats cute

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Welcome... WOW that is remarkable!!!! please keep us up to date as to weather the little one makes it .. i am very curious...

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Af Cichlids foster parenting when she was not nurturing her own brood recently??
Hard to believe. i would figure fry would be eaten. Keep us posted
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Well my cichlids have never sucessfully spawned before. It wasn't untill maybe 3 months ago that I even realized why my one female would be floating in the corner of the tank for about a week.

So I don't think she has ever had any real experince with her own live brood. But clearly she has the mothering instinct within her :P

I'll try to take some pictures later tonight. If I can't manage to get a picture of the inside of her mouth, at least you'll see my coolio fish.


And Thanks for such a nice welcoming and responses everyone!
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Pictures of my cichlid

I couldn't get a picture of the inside of her mouth. And Havn't really been able to catch another glimpse of the guppy.

Like I said before, the gupy didn't look to comfy

If I see him I will tell you. And I'll also report back if and when her babies are swimming around.

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Welcome to the forum, I love your fish............................

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She is a beautiful fish! And what a cute story..I wonder what will happen.

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