Endlers livebearer-guppy mix
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Endlers livebearer-guppy mix

This is a discussion on Endlers livebearer-guppy mix within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I have heard this is possible if so how easy is it and what might encourage them? Thank you....

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Endlers livebearer-guppy mix
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Endlers livebearer-guppy mix

I have heard this is possible if so how easy is it and what might encourage them?

Thank you.
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Some female guppies and male endler in a tank and thats all.

However, I don't agree with cross breeding these fish. First off pure endlers are worth more than hybrids will ever be. So if you have endlers it would make more sense to just breed them instead of crossbreeding them with guppies. Second it pollutes the stock. what are you going to do with the hybrid fry? Selling them or giving them away poses a problem as a lot of the time the "hybrid" part of the name falls off as people keep selling them to other, or on a stores nametag. I get really sick of seeing hybrid rainbow at petstores advertised as a specific fish.
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If you have a particular goal in mind that a cross might help get, the guppy endler cross is fairly easy to have happen. If you are right and get the right blend, be sure to label them as what they are when you sell or trade them. If you are not trying to breed for any particular feature that requires the cross, avoid it. As Mikaila said, both individual fish are worth more than an indiscriminate cross and are also better looking.
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