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Emergency . How to Feed fry. Microworm, baby brineshrimp, instant?


I have some piranha fry that are now starting to swim and they need to be fed. i need someone to explane to me a few things and for some advice.

1. How can i , or if i can start making microworms myself?
2. is there any instant fry food i can get at a pet store to save them?
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They might have something called Liquifry at your pet store. That will keep them going for a few days.
When you go to the store, buy some brine shrimp eggs and get them started. (Google it.)

Microworms are easier than brine shrimp, but you'd have to order them online, and your fish would be starved by the time they showed up. (I plan on using worms- Some worms are a bit smaller than microworms. May need to use them. I don't know how small Pirahna fry are. Maybe someone else can help.)

If it was me, I would dose Liquifry from the time they are freeswimming, for about 5-6 days.
Starting on day 4 (from hatching day), feed small amounts of brine shrimp. Every day feed a bit more, and decrease the liquifry. Remember to start a new container for brine shrimp every day or two, and use tiny amounts of eggs.

When the fry are 1/4 inch long, begin to feed crushed flake (along with BBS). Slowly decrease the BBS, until they only eat the flake.

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
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--------- Part 2

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