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Discus breeding

I have just discovered Discus eggs in my tank and the two Discus fish I have are huddled besides them very protectively, fending off any other fish that come near.

Can anyone help with advice on how I can proceed to ensure they survive to adulthood.

I know absolutely nothing about the subject, so any information anyone can provide would be most welcome.

Thanks :D

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i know once they hatch they are left alone with the parents because they feed on their body slime. hope it helps
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Originally Posted by tangyman
i know once they hatch they are left alone with the parents because they feed on their body slime. hope it helps
Ditto. Leave the fry with their parents.

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The fry will feed on the mucous from the parents for a period of tome, 2-3 weeks. They can then be fed infusoria and baby brine shimp. be careful to maintain the temp between 82-86 degrees Farhenheit. Remove any power filters that may ingest the fry. Finely crushed flake food may be fed at about 10-12 weeks. Watch for fast growers, larger fry have been known to canniblize the smaller brethren, though I have not had that happen in a very long time. Keep water clean with frequent, adequate water changes. Aged water is best. good luck and congratulations.
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lupins just jealous cause i got here first. btw hope the fry are fine
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