Denison Barbs mating behavior
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Denison Barbs mating behavior

This is a discussion on Denison Barbs mating behavior within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I read online about a woman who induced spawning in her denison barbs by doing a big water change with cold water from the ...

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Denison Barbs mating behavior
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Denison Barbs mating behavior

I read online about a woman who induced spawning in her denison barbs by doing a big water change with cold water from the hose, into an 80 degree tank...

So rather than matching the temp perfectly during my water change I left the temp around 70 (tank is 77)... and the barbs started swimming in small circles and chasing each other. I have never seen them do this before. Does this sound like mating behavior?
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It's possible. A large flow of cool clean water simulates a large rainfall and can be used to get most fish in the mood.
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huckleberry77 (08-18-2014)
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Cool! Thank you. Maybe I will try again with cool water in the future... especially once I get them in a bigger tank. Is adding cool water dangerous for any of the fish? I think cories like it but what about neons, pearl gourami or boesemani rainbowfish? is it dangerous for them?
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