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i need some more help about corydoras i think one might be pregnant she getting fatter but i need lots of help
how big are the eggs?
how can i save the eggs?
How can i tell if she is pregnant?
and the breeding process, about realising the eggs?
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Well, it is possible that your cory is carrying eggs- corys aren't livebearers, so the term is "gravid". What breed of corys do you have? Some rarely breed in captivity, some breed quite easily, and different types lay eggs differently so that will be helpful to know.

You'll know that your cory is gravid if you start seeing eggs being laid! Corys lay their eggs on glass, leaves or sprinkled across the substrate, depending on the breed. The eggs will probably become fish food if you don't remove them (corys will not guard their eggs), so you should remove the eggs to another tank. It's easy to gather the ones on leaves (just take the leaves out), the ones on the bottom can be sucked up with a turkey baster, if it's on the glass, you can scrape it off with a razor. I would recommend treating the eggs with methylene blue, so that they don't fall victim to fungus. In a few days 1 out of 2 things will happen. Either the eggs will turn out to be infertile, at which point they will turn white and begin to rot. You can remove those. If not, in 3-5 days you'll start to see the eggs hatching!
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they are cor tri something dont kow what the full name is but i was going to put the eggs in a breeding trap and do i need to put the male and female in there or just the female and and how do i know when to put them in the breeding trap here 2 pics of the cory i think is pregnant there not that recent
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You have C. Trilineatus (also called false julii or leopard cory). I have 4 of them. I'm pretty sure I have 2 females and 2 males but I haven't gotten any eggs yet even though my females look very plump.

Hope you get eggs and good luck! :D

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so does anyone know when to put her in the breeding trap
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I don't think you should put her in a breeding can just put the eggs in there once she's laid them. I don't think there's any way of predicting when she's ready to lay them, and I don't think she'd do it in a breeding trap because she probably wouldn't like the sudden change. You should just move the eggs as soon as you see them so they don't get eaten and in a few days you'll have cories.
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