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Originally Posted by fryup View Post
you will need some sort of filteration and a air pump but maybe get a low power air stone if your going to have fry swimming freely around your tank ....good luck

btw i would leave it another week before you get your fish to give your tank time to cycle :):):)......good luck :)
I do have an air pump. But the only type of filtration I have in the tank is the air stone.But I guess that's good enough.

And I already have the Cory's They're in my 20g long sorority and they're doing fine.And I'll be testing the water so somewhere between 1-2 weeks they'll go into the breeding tank.

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I think I'm going to move them to the breeding tank tomorrow.They have been chasing each other a lot lately in the sorority tank and one female is getting sort of plump. So I think tomorrow I'm going to move them and then I'll start another thread titled something like Peppered Corydora Spawn Log so I could keep you guys updated.

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Good luck with the Spawn Beat!

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Thanks DH!

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yea good luck , keep us all up to date with everything :):):)

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Hey guys I also have a questions about corydoras. My bronze corydoras have laid eggs about 3.5 days ago, now they look cloudy and I can see some sort of worms like, white thin stripes moving from them. The do look and move like worms, so I'm kind of worried. Is that a stage in fish development, because they look more like worms rather than fish.
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