Cichlids wont stop breeding.
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Cichlids wont stop breeding.

This is a discussion on Cichlids wont stop breeding. within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I never anticipated this as a problem, but my fish are breeding to much, to the point now where I cant let the mouth ...

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Cichlids wont stop breeding.
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Cichlids wont stop breeding.

I never anticipated this as a problem, but my fish are breeding to much, to the point now where I cant let the mouth brooding go its full term of 3-5 weeks. Now I have to strip the eggs out as soon as I see they are holding. I did one more today and now in my breeder tank I have a bunch of eggs with tails moving around, hilarious. I'll get some pics up tomorrow.

Any suggestions to make smaller breeding sections in my 10 gallon tank? I have it sectioned off into 2 halves. I read that you can use pop bottles and put slits in it with a knife but I'm hoping there is a better way. It might come down to buying another 10 gallon setup, they are on sale right now at petsmart for 28$ and they come with the hood, bulbs and filter just so everyone knows.

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Have a glass shop cut appropriate sizes and use suction cups to stick them in the tank like dividers.
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If youre tanking about what I think you are I wouldnt buy it. If its that "deal" where it tells you its like an 80 dollar value or something. I bought the 20 gallon one, the lights suck, the hood just barely fits on, and the filter isnt great ( I have it in my room and all I hear it its hum ).

Since my cat likes to jump on things I went out and replaced the hood and light, still kinda doesnt fit but its better than what it comes with.

TLDR: If youre just going for something that wont cost much then its fine. If you have a stupid cat and want quality stuff, dont buy the cheap kit thing.
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