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Talking Brineshrimp - Hatching to adult size

I don't really know where to post this.. so here it is..

I have a 1 gallon tank with a air stone and lighted hood, I would like to grow brine shrimp to adult size in, dose any one have any advice on how to raise them to adulthood and any other misc. tips?


I used half cup of Instant Ocean sea salt for the 1 gallon of water in the tank, and for food i have "sea monkey" food. (basically powdered spirllena(sp?) algae i think.)

10 gallon glass tank w/ lighted hood

  • Tetra 2-15 gallon Heater
  • Aqua-Tech w/ Bio-Fiber 5-15 gallon
  • Gravel Substrate
  • Tap Water w/ AquaSafe Conditioner
  • Tetra Tropical Fish Flake food
  • Temperature maintains 76
  • Male Betta
  • Two Ghost Shrimp
  • Two Julii Cory Cat
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i've looked at raising brine shrimp before. there isn't a lot of info out there about raising them to adults compared to raising them for feed. I'm not quite sure what the salt content needs to be. i know the airstone will need to disappear. the small bubbles created by the stone can be injested and kill your brine shrimp. remove the stone and the large bubbles you get will be fine to "stir" the water and add enough oxygen. as for food, not sure about the seamonkey stuff. i know typical green algae should feed them although you don't want too much light. you could place your tank near a window and the natural light should be enough to provide some "free food".
That is about all the info/suggestions i have. hopefully someone else will know the rest. keep us updated. i'm still interested in trying this out for myself so any other info you find would be great!

good luck!
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Heres a good video of hatching, ill try to find a vid of raising to adult.

YouTube - Do-it-Yourself: Brine Shrimp (artemia) Hatchery

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Originally Posted by FishFreak95 View Post
Heres a good video of hatching, ill try to find a vid of raising to adult.

YouTube - Do-it-Yourself: Brine Shrimp (artemia) Hatchery

That was an awesome video. So cool, thanks for sharing!!!
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Keep in mind that brine shrimp are most nutritious when they still have their egg shell (which is what makes BBS such good food for small fry). Adult brine shrimp just isn't very nutritious, and is an awful lot of work for little yield in my opinion. I'd look into raising something easier- like flightless fruit flies, blackworms or many other tasty critters.
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An easy to raise live food is daphnia. The only hard part is getting a starter culture. Once you have the culture going, scoop a few each day and keep feding the remaining ones so they will breed and increase their numbers. For smaller food, I like to use microworms. Again, the hard part seems to be getting a starter culture. Once they are set up you restart the culture every few weeks and throw out the cultures that get too nasty smelling. With microworms, the yeast they live on eventually will get to the point that they are producing a lot of vinegar in the culture and the culture will need a fresh start before the vinegar kills everything off. A fresh sweet culture has a faint yeasty odor, not a vinegar odor.
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