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Breeding Questions

This is a discussion on Breeding Questions within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Even a 10 gallon is cheap- you can get them at almost any pet store for about $10. Please consider the well-being of your ...

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Even a 10 gallon is cheap- you can get them at almost any pet store for about $10. Please consider the well-being of your fish before you bring more into the world!
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yeah i would get rid of some fish or get a bigger tank. deffinatly dont try to get a male and breed, you have no room.
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get a 20 gallon and a few males and you are set, and plants help for the hiding of the babies, real plants are much better. fanwort, maybe, for the plants
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I agree with the above postings, your babies definitely need a bigger tank to grow up in.

It's really easy to get a cheap 10-20 gallon on your local I see them all the time for $15-40 including the filter, heater, etc. Just make sure you cycle the new tank before adding your fish!

Best of luck.
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if you do decide to get a larger tank and breed make absolutely sure that you get males and not more females. otherwise you will just be taking up space and waiting for babies that wont come.
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Re: Breeding Questions

[quote="Cody"]I am interested in Breeding fish. I want to start with something simple, like Guppies or Mollies. I have never bred fish before, but I want to try it. This is what I know so far.

-I need a Breeder Box/net.
-Guppies and Mollies can produce a lot of babies.

My LFS will buy/trade for the fry, just in case anyone is wondering.

In my tank right now, I have 2 Red Platys, 2 Zebra danios and 2 Neon Tetras. I only have a 5 Gallon, so I know I can't take a lot more. I will probably wait for some to pass away before I add any more fish.

I usually keep the temperature around 76-80.

What is the easiest to breed in a community tank; Platies, Mollies, or Guppies? What is the best gender ratio for each fish?

Oh, say I get 2 more platies sometime toadd with my 2 current platies that I think are both female. If I get one male and one female, will it help the breeding?
I dunno abt this tail business but I see male and female by their stomachs.. Females are more likely to show a type of white shell inside their bellies if you see them under light. keep your tank and get a new one thats a bit bigger.give back 2 fishes and get a male+refund money.. a new bubble machine should be enuff... shift the suff you had on the 5 gallon tank to the bigger one, the fish will mate and you'll have fry.. when theyre comin out... shift your male to the smaller tank. When its over, put the male back into a jar for sometime, shift your fry to the smaller tank(have a bubble machine) and feed em finely crushed pellets. You can do this by using paper you dont need like... your test papers in which you've failed on and slam the pellets until they become powdery. They'll eventually sog up and allow the fry to eat em and your adults fish will happily become parents and you'll be a grandfather and you'll live happily ever after... <gasping for breath>. How<cough>does <pant> that sound?<faint>]
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Old 02-05-2008, 02:21 PM   #17
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i think that plan will work! by the way danios are easy to breed too.
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Old 02-17-2008, 06:53 PM   #18
I'd say guppies are the easyest
im a beginner and im breeding my guppys
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yeah i think of all the livebearers guppies are the easiest. i have breed guppies platies and mollies but guppies have had the most babies and the hardiest. they also have them more often. but thats just my guppies, i dont know if it is like this with all guppies.
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i have neons that bred, and it wasnt too hard for me, but the zebras are easy too, as are all danios
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