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Breeding Kribensis

I have a gorgeous pair of Kribs that I would like to breed. They are both in full breeding color, and I was wondering if I divide them off from the others in the tank, do you think they would spawn. I am afraid if I don't they are not going to and if they do, the eggs will be eaten. Thanks for any help!!

Tank is 55 gallon.
Tank mates include: Blood Parrot cichlid pair, blue ram pair, bolivian pair, 6 baby clown loaches, 2 baby rainbow sharks, 2 baby african leaf fish, 3 serpae tetras, 2 sailfin plecos, 2 whiptail plecos, 2 baby flounder, a baby striped raphael, 3 african bumblebee cats, 2 banjos, 1 ramshorn snail. (I am not going to mention the 2 dwarf frogs because I know they should not be in there)

**I am aware that they will need a larger tank when they get bigger (plan on a 125), and that rainbow sharks should be kept singly, that the flounder will need to be moved to brackish, and that the 2 dwarf frogs shouldn't be there.
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Wow. There is a lot going on in that tank. If they are truly a pair and you want to raise the fry, setting up a breeding tank is probably the answer. They could well breed, have eggs, and even protect them until they hatch; however, the fry would surely be picked off by the other fish. I assume you realize that the bigger tank / more tanks are needed. Your fish are really cool; however, they'll grow fast and their behavior will change. That's why you need to separate some of them and provide more space. Best of luck.

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What size breeder do you think would be best for a Krib pair??
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I don't know whether they even make the old 15 gallon tanks anymore. They are basically the low height of the standard 20 gallon tank. If the 15 is available, that would be fine. Otherwise, a standard 20 would be fine. Now there are 20 tall and 20 long. The 20 long has the same footprint as a standard 29 gallon tank. For the sake of grow out purposes for the fry, the 20 long would give you more surface area / space. So I guess I am saying a 20 gallon long would give you the best bang for your buck.

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I agree with fishmonger..a 20 long is a good tank. I have my breeding pair kribs in 29 which is nice for large spawn, but not necessary. And I agree that though your P. Pulchers may well bring in a brood in community..fry wouldn't stand chance with your interesting bunch.
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