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Breeding angels

This is a discussion on Breeding angels within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Hello! I need some advice on breeding angels. My largest one, Mr. President (it might as well be a Ms ), seems to be ...

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Breeding angels


I need some advice on breeding angels. My largest one, Mr. President (it might as well be a Ms ), seems to be quite busy with another one from the batch. They have laid some nice eggs onto the filter upper part (the cap).

They do not let anyone come close, but since there are ancitstruses and gouramis, and other smaller angels, and tetras, and whatnot... there are few chances the eggs to survive the night. I think the busy parents will sleep at night, won't they? Ancistruses or snails will devour the eggs.

We only have one empty tank, which is a quarantine tank in fact and it is very small. I think it is too small for a kindergarten .

Mr/Ms President had done this before in another tank, with a different partner, but the eggs had never survived. We had a very hungry (always ) pearl gourami there.

Not that I particularly want those babies, but I sort of feel obliged to help the parents. I feel guilty when I wake up and see them looking lost and disappointed. Is there anuthing we can do for them in this situation?
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The ancistrus and snails will certainly eat the eggs. The rest will do that as well. There isn't much you can do at this point if you don't have another tank but to leave the parents to defend the eggs and eventually fry to themselves.
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The eggs are eaten! I remember, when they had done that before, they would try a number of times, but this time it is only once.

I cannot afford to make a separate breeding tank because I simply have no room for it. Anyway I would hate an empty tank.
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