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Black Neon Tetra

I have this 30G tank running for about 3 months. I have listed out the fishes I have in this tank. I have two black females and 3 males have been chasing females and stuff. They have been spawning since morning and dropped about 100-200 eggs all over my tank. I am sure more than 80% have been consumed by others so far. When I saw it happening, quickly got my bucket and siphon. The female was releasing them in 1 corner of the tank. I siphoned as much I could. I hope I got about 10-50 odd eggs in the bucket. Transferred that water to my empty 10G tank.

A AC 20 filter has been running on 30G for more than a month which I am planning to put on 10G. I will put a Sponge on the inlet tube.

Here are my questions.

1. How do I know if I got any eggs in my bucket when I siphoned? Can use some light and check or keep it dark in the tank and not worry? There is lot of gunk that got siphoned.
2. I just have about 3.5G water in 10G that I siphoned from my 30g. Which water should I use to fill up this new tank so that filtration can begin?
3. AC 20 filter with sponge okay with frys?
4. I am sure many fish in my tank had a nice lunch this morning. but any suggestions on how do I save any Fry's from my 30G if any of the eggs that survived and hatch and manage to live for few hours until I find them? If I do, what is the best way to get them out (regular siphon?)
5. The 10G tank is covered from all side and is in the darkest part of the apartment right now. When do I add the filter to this tank? Of course assuming that I have enough water in it for AC20 to work.

BTW, I have started another 20g with DHG using DSM 2 days ago. Please wish me some luck. These little angels bring lot of happiness in my life.

6 Neon Tetras (3f/3m. Seen them dropping eggs but they were eaten right in from my eyes 2 weeks ago. 2 died last week, 6 left.)
2 Cardinal Tetras (2m I hope. 1 female died last week)
5 Black Neon Tetras (2F/3m)
7 Dwarf Neon Rainbow (3m/4f already spawning right now)
2 Yellow Fancy Guppies
2 Serpae Tetra (2m based on their fins)
3 Cory catfish (eat most of the eggs)
3 Ghost shrimp
2 snails (some kind)
6-7 useless snails (do not where they came from, plants??)
7-8 plants (6 of them doing extremely good)

Substrate - old matured eco-complete I got it along with this tank
Lighting - 2 CFL 30W each and T8 30 W (10 hrs)
CO2 - Nutrafin CO2
Water - weekly 25-30% chemistry fluctuate a big but they all survive.

20G - started 2 days ago with DHG using DSM
20g - has a baby RES for 4 weeks now
10g - just added 3.5G water in it today with those eggs.

Please help so that I can go home from work and take care of few things before its too late
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Today I checked 10g. Its been over 24 hours. There are only 1-3 eggs. One othem appears to have grown.

Power filter with a sponge on intake tube is on. I have added extra water from 30G. Today all my neon rainbows are busy in spawning. But no sign of eggs anywhere on the spawning mop yet.
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Just checked again. there are two very tiny things moving. The fry are totally tranperant. Its hard to make out. I am really exciting. Is it okay if I sneak in with small amount of light? I am not ggetting any response.
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Actually they turned out to be DNR eggs and I have so far 2 fry floating the in tank. I fed them nothing so far. All the 4 DNR females are spawning alternatively in the 30g. I have collected about 50+ eggs from the spawning mop. Today I added the mop and within 15 minutes I had to take them out because they were full of eggs right a way. I have a live video of the time I put the mop and I take it out is less than 5 minutes. Video captures the spawning and scattering of eggs on the mop.

That was amazing. I will stop posting as I do not see any interest. I was looking for some help on how to raise them.
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