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He actually is lonely on his own.. before i put the female in.. he just sat at the top.. even when i fed him food, he just sat there...

I dont wanna leave him alone.. thats final.. so i might put him in the 20 gal. tank, and put more real plants in it, so that he can hide from the tail nippers,

unless, someone gives me an idea of what kind of fish would be buddies with the male...
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i had three zebra danios that got along great with my betta in a 20 gallon. But all fish are different, it may not work well for you.
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same danios work well with bettas, however a 2.5 gallon is too small for a betta and other fish. As for breeding, its a long process. A friend of mine does it sometimes cuz his fraternity gives bettas away during big-little week. Anyway, he used 3 tanks, 2 2.5 gallon tanks and a 10 gallon tank. He puts the male on one 2.5 and the female in 1 2.5. He waits until the male builds a bubblenest. Then he moves the two tanks together for 2 weeks until the male and female dont seem too aggressive or shy, if they are still agressive after 2 weeks he seperates them and trys again in a week. ANyway, once they are comfortable, he moves the male to the 10 gallon, waits for the bubble nest, and then introduces the female. Note the 10 gallon is next to the females 2.5 so the two bettas still see eachother. After theres a bubble nest he puts the female into the 10 gallon and it usually works.

He also removes the female one the eggs are laid.
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Well, I was maybe thinking a little bottom feeder, or a aquatic frog?? Just so he has some entertainment
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I hear ghost shrimp generally work well and require little room.
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just so you know bettas are tropical and need a heater. If the waters not just right they wont breed.
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I dont have a heater, I have looked for them before, but my tank is weird shaped, so there are none that fit...

Also, I moved the female to the other tank already, so he is on his own... any ideas on what type of fish i could put in with him to be buddies with???

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there are mini heaters that add 3-5 degrees to ur water. they just hang in ur tank. no other fish. bettas are best kept singularly. Also your tank is too small. If you get a 5 gallon, the betta can be kept with shrimp or a pair of otos, stick to bottom feeders.
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oh okay, I didnt know you could get mini heaters, i will check it out..
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I would say no on the otos. They are more comfortable in larger groups.......... and are extremely FAST, and should be houses in at least a 30 gallon. Plus, otos are very picky and prefer brown algae over anything else. Most likely, they will starve otherwise. It's not expensive at all to get a 5 or 10 gallon tank..
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