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Question Baloon Molly Question!!! Oh and Dalmation Molly as well!!!

Hello everyone thank you for stopping in and trying to help first off!!!

Ok down to business. I just bought a 2 balloon molly's a male and female. I know the female is pregnant b/c she is pretty large. I am also pretty sure she is an adult fully grown. I have her in a breeder box but only b/c that is what I do when I bring them home for the first day after I float the bag and then add them in and they get used to the new tank. So the male and female are both in it.

It is the large net one not the small plastic ones so no worries they are not stressed they are fine. I know a lot of people do not like to use them and are totally against them but it seems this is the only way I like to add them b/c it seems less stressful on them coming home from the pet store and then just throwing them in with all my other fish. This way the others swim around the net and they get used to them.

OK so my question with my balloon female is how can you tell when she is getting close to giving birth? I have researched and some people say that she will swim up and down the side a lot and become somewhat aggressive towards other fish. I am not sure if she is going to do that yet but will soon b/c I am getting ready to let them float out of the net in just a minute after I post this. So tips on how to know when she is going into labor would be helpful.

As far as gravid spots go to this day after 5 fry deliveries from mickey mouse platy's and dalmation molly's I have no clue exactly what they are. Everyone says a dark spot by the anal fin but my dalmation molly never showed that. She has an all white bottom and very few black spots on her. So I kept looking but never can get what I am actually looking for if it is a little spot or big one or what.

Now for my new Dalmation Molly. She has been moving very slow lately (since yesterday). She seems to be avoiding the other fish and my male black molly is harassing her. I didn't have all the molly's in one tank when I got them so now the male and females are in the same tank so I am not sure if this is a sign she is getting ready to go into labor or not?

Also I couldn't resist but among all of the crimson and black platies they had at the pet store there was one fry (junior now) male that they gave me for free b/c I was actually just going in for one of them. I always do that come out with way more then I go in for.

So now I am not sure what to do. The tanks are planted with plenty of hiding spots for the fry to hide when born. I have a separate 10G tank that is my fry only tank for the first 2 weeks or so depending on how they grow. I only have 5 in there plus the one I got yesterday. I only rescued 3 mickeys and 2 dalamation mollys.

Oh one more question. All of my fry have been fins and now all of the sudden since yesterday the one dalmation molly fry seems like he cannot swim. He stays on the bottom and has become really dark when before he was almost see through with the little black spots. Any suggestions on what might be wrong or if that is normal?

OK sorry I know this is long but I figured I would ask this all in one so I didn't have a bunch of threads. Also I am going to attach a picture of the new crimson fry and please let me know if you think he would be ok in the main tank? He was in a main tank with many other platy's and molly's at the LPS so idk what to do about him yet. But I do know he is a boy for sure.

Thanks all for reading this and any feedback you can give in advance. I really appreciate it!!!

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I can help with what I know & know with what I help!
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The spot everyone refers to is a large spot. When you look at a pregnant fish from its tail fin you can see it. I wouldn't call it a spot either it Is very good sized. I find it easier to spOt on swords and guppies.
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Originally Posted by yyankeeyankeefan View Post
The spot everyone refers to is a large spot. When you look at a pregnant fish from its tail fin you can see it. I wouldn't call it a spot either it Is very good sized. I find it easier to spOt on swords and guppies.
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Thank you for that. I always was looking for a little spot finding myself when it was feeding time looking underneath her so I could see if she had one. My silver molly in my other tank I am not sure if she is sterile or what but she and my black male mated in the beginning of January and still no babies from her. She has gotten a little plumper but nothing major.

When I brought her home in December she had babies that night. I am assuming from the stress of the transfer from the store to home. Then I bought my male after the other male I had died and they mated like crazy and he hasn't been around her since then. I know they say they can hold sperm for months and not need a male but still no babies and I pay very close attention and have a plant net thing for the top for the fry to go to when they are born and some other floating plants and a lot of plans on the bottom for them to hide in. So I am really not sure why she has not had any. My LFS has been waiting patiently for me to bring more in and I keep telling them I have no clue what is going on with her.

Thank you so much for the answer on that b/c it does help me a lot. Balloon Mollies are definitely hard to tell also. It looks really dark back there but I can't tell if she is square or not b/c As you know they are naturally large in the belly. I have been kind of comparing her belly to my male to tell of squareness and that's not helping either. She just swims up and down the back of the tank constantly. Checked my water and it is fine and the temp is at 76F right now so IDK. I heard that was a sign they are ready to give birth. Also she is doing it against the back of my tank which is black so I wouldn't think she would be trying to tell me she wanted to go somewhere else.

Should I move her in my other 30G tank that has finally finished cycling? I have no other fish in there. Temp is 74F and all levels are great. It has been cycling for over a month now. Oh and she is beating up my other fish also. IDK what to do.

I can help with what I know & know with what I help!
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