balloon molly assult?
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balloon molly assult?

This is a discussion on balloon molly assult? within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Hello everyone I'm new here and quite uninformed so please be nice :) I have a 20L freshwater tank, until last night I had ...

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balloon molly assult?
Old 09-13-2007, 09:45 AM   #1
balloon molly assult?

Hello everyone I'm new here and quite uninformed so please be nice :)

I have a 20L freshwater tank, until last night I had 4 mollies (2M2F), 2 platies (1M1F) an otto and 4 ghost shrimp. The fish all got along and I never saw any of the males *courting* the females.

Last night a friend of mine who is moving asked me if I would take her four guppies (who all turned up pregnant and started having babies the second they hit the tank) and 2 mollies. This is where the problem started. The two mollies are male, one of them has really taken an interest in my female balloon mollies. From the moment he was introduced to the tank he has not left her alone, more than twelve hours later he is still following her. She is still eating.

Finally my question is: will he eventually leave her alone? is this normal? Is this causing stress enough for her to get sick/exhausted/die? I know twelve hours is not a long time but I'm a new fish mommy and I get nervous.
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For live bearers, you need to have 3 females to each male to kinda spread out the stress of mating by the males. If the male gets too over zealous then you can always take him out. Sure fire signs of stress from being pestered is the female will hide in ornaments or plants and she will breath heavily. Also, it does help to have a second male because they will spend time pestering each other instead of the females.

Welcome to the fourm, please ask whatever questions you need help with and feel free to contribute with whatever observations you may make. It is always good to have another perspective.
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