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Baby Kribs!

So, my pair of kribensis, raised from juveniles, has gone through spawning rituals for the past couple months. This time though, they were successful

I now have 30-40 baby kribs swimming along the substrate under the watchful eye of their parents.

The thing is...what do I do now? A couple weeks ago I changed out the gravel. I have hornwort in the tank and some java fern...will the little guys get enough to eat? Or should I go get some fry food? Will young kribs do well on crushed flake?

Any advice on raising these little suckers would be really helpful.
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I did more research and I'm still having totally conflicting advice on these guys. Some sources say that infusoria/microworms are required, others say that prepared foods alone can promote even faster growth, some places say crushed flake is what should I believe? For now they've just been grazing on the substrate, rocks and plants, but I'm not sure that this is enough food. When the female had all the fry with her in the castle structure, I dropped in an algae wafer, hoping it'd get mushy enough for the fry to munch on. They left the castle to swim around the tank though, so I'm not sure this really helped.

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Sorry to post in my own thread so much...but there's one more thing I forgot to mention.

I'm a college student and live in an on-campus apartment. However, the semester is coming to an end and I'll be moving back home in about a week and a half.

I was worried enough about the move anyway, but now that I have these little fry, I'm even more worried. I simply have no idea how to move fish. I could easily net the other fish in the tank, but there's no way that's going to happen with these little guys.

The move is a drive of about an hour. The fry are in a community tank with their parents, 2 black mystery snails, 3 cories that are too preoccupied with laying (and eating) their own eggs to bother with krib fry, 2 dwarf gouramis that have learned to keep away, and 5 zebra danios that never go low enough in the tank to be a threat. Is there any way at all to transport these fish with fry this young? I only saw the free-swimming fry leave their cave on Saturday.
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One more time in my own thread! I ended up buying an eyedropper from Walgreens. I used a shotglass and the handle of an exacto knife as a makeshift mortar and pestle. I ground up equal ratios (roughly) of Wardley Shrimp Pellets, Wardley Algae Discs, and TetraColor Tropical Flakes. I ground the ingredients into the finest powder I could. I mixed a small amount with aquarium water and squirted it into the center of the brood. It's hard to tell if they're actually eating it because they're so tiny, but since they continued to peck at that area of the substrate I'll assume that at the very worst, they were still able to get at some infusoria despite the presence of the powdered food. I'll continue to feed them roughly 3x a day.
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