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Angelfish Fry Color

Is it normal for angelfish fry to be displaying black coloration on their heads at 9 days old?

Out of this spawn I have about 10 out of 100-150 that made it to free swimming stage with this trait displaying. Haven't seen it before or just haven't noticed (I'm watching very closely this time and raising them artificially in a breeder tank for a genetic experiment for my Upper Level Genetics course at my college, I am trying to find out the genotype of the Female since from my research the male is recessive g/g genotype, so now I can determine the female's by seeing the coloration of the offspring)

The pair is a Gold (male) with Marble (female). I haven't seen the fry from this pair reach adult hood yet because I was trying to get a pair that would raise their fry, and they haven't quite got that down yet. So to ensure survival for my experiment I'm raising them myself.

So basically the question is, do they normally display color this early or do I have some sort of mutation going on?
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sorry, i don't have an answer to your question, but just wanted to say; yay color genetics :) i used to follow that in the rabbits i used to breed.

**I freely admit that most of the information I share I have learned from other people on this forum and am simply repeating. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and ask that if I say anything incorrect someone will kindly correct me**
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Originally Posted by KendraMc View Post
sorry, i don't have an answer to your question, but just wanted to say; yay color genetics :) i used to follow that in the rabbits i used to breed.
Woo genetics!

Ill be a Molecular Biologist soon enough lol

But thanks for being interested
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