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Let me know then when you have them big enough to ship. I'd be happy to pay for one-day service in order to get them here. It's a risk, but I'd rather get them from somebody on here than from some shop around town.

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2 Bolivian Rams
14 Pristella Tetra
10 Dwarf Pencilfish
2-3 Twig Catfish (to come)
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Great news! Did you hatch Brine Shrimp or are you going to give the First Bites a try?
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I have live brine shrimp, but last time I used half the bottle of eggs and the fry didn't survive the first week, so this time I skimped, and ended up with a really small amount of brine shrimp per cubic inch of water (not really per cubic inch, just less shrimp in more space) so now I have to hatch more eggs to be able to feed the fry completely. I have discovered, while feeding the parents, that the fry will eat flake food! It has to be extremely fine, though. I just fed them some flake food only, and they ate it. Just take a pinch in your hand, roll it around until it starts to stick into a roll, then break up the roll by rolling it perpendicular to the way you just rolled it (that's a lot of rolls, but if you read it slowly it will make sense.) for example if you just rolled it left to right, roll it up and down once. This should break up the roll. Repeat until the flake food is about the consistency of powder in your hand. Put it in the tank near the fry, and if they're aggressive eaters like mine, they should eat what they can. Usually 1-2 particles per fry will be eaten (at least that's what I've observed, they may eat more when I'm gone).

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I do have First Bites on hand, but my fry get eaten anyway, so there is no point in hatching brine shrimp. If I decide to get another tank for my breeding pair, I definitely will though. I just feel bad taking them from a 120g, 6 foot tank, to a smaller maybe 40 gallon tank.
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This is all so fascinating. It almost makes me want to try for something like that but I have yet to get the courage to bring any fish back to the LFS so... best not to have a few hundred fish to sell. lol

Lisa, I know it is nature but don't you sort of feel sorry for your mama and daddy, trying so hard and failing constantly because of the other fish in the tank? I wonder how in the world fish manage in nature. Must be like 1 in a thousand fry that make it to adulthood. Is it even possible to have Angelfish fry grow to adulthood in a fully planted tank if there were no other fish in it?
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Angelfish fry could absolutely grow into adulthood in a planted tank with no other tank mates. They just need good quality food and clean water. I did feel bad at first, but after thinking how much work it would be to get another tank (which isn't the big deal) and having them spawn every few weeks is too much. You're suppsoed to remove any remaining fry after 25 days because the parents will be ready for their next spawn. In a matter of months I could have 6 different spawns and numerous tanks.

My breeding pair are doing what they would naturally do in nature. They fight off any predators, care for their eggs and fry, and spawn again when fry don't make it. Many times it's the parents that end up eating the fry. I've only had one spawn make it to the free-swimming stage. This last spawn started wiggling and I have a feeling the parents ate them because they kept falling off the leave they spawned on. The female is looking very large again so I am expecting another clutch of eggs probably today or tomorrow.
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Well, as is the case in most animals, if I were an Angel fish, I think I would want to be the boy. The whole being pregnant every few weeks, laying eggs and failing in my duties only to have a nice snack... not for me. ha ha The boys have it good, hang out with a gal and snack every few weeks.

I have 5 Platys in a 60 gallon tank with a few other fish. No babies there yet either. I have been told that my tank would be over run with platys but still nothing. Guess something isn't working right in this case. Too many snails, Tiger Barbs, Gourami... something. I am pretty sure that I have 2 boys and 3 girls so... I kind of thought I might see some babies. They have only been with me for about 3 1/2 weeks though and I have no idea what the Platy gestation period is. I just thought of it because of this thread, not that I am hoping for babies.
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Actually the male does a lot of the work too. The male helps guard the eggs, protects against predators, and fans the eggs so they don't rot. I still think the female does more of the work with protecting the eggs and fanning, but I have to give the male SOME credit here
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Originally Posted by LisaC144 View Post
Actually the male does a lot of the work too. The male helps guard the eggs, protects against predators, and fans the eggs so they don't rot. I still think the female does more of the work with protecting the eggs and fanning, but I have to give the male SOME credit here

Yes we must give credit where credit is due. lol The video you posted of them "parenting" their fry was so beautiful. It just made me so sad to hear that it didn't work out for them. I guess fish move on a lot quicker then people do but it still seems sad to me. I guess because I have been there. Sort of.
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They will only parent for so long. After 25 days they should be removed from the parents because they will spawn again. Where do I put the babies then? They'd stil lbe too small for the 120g community tank. Once they spawn again, they will turn on their first spawn to raise the most recent fry. It's a lose/lose situation unless I want 10 tanks going at once. I just view it as the circle of life. This is what would happen in nature too. They defend off predators and if they feel threatened they eat the fry and weeks later, try again.
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