Angelfish breeding soon?
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Angelfish breeding soon?

This is a discussion on Angelfish breeding soon? within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> Hey, everyone, I have to go soon, so this is gonna be quick. I think my angels are about to spawn. The blackish one ...

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Angelfish breeding soon?
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Angelfish breeding soon?

Hey, everyone, I have to go soon, so this is gonna be quick.

I think my angels are about to spawn. The blackish one is cleaning the slate I put in a couple of days ago, and two of the others are showing huge bellies. The koi one seems to be the blackish one's mate; it doesn't get chased away like all the others, but it's not really helping with the cleaning of the slate. I'll post pics later if needed. But from this description, does it sound like my angels are about to spawn? (I think I maybe possibly see papillae too). I guess the question is this: should I remove the other fish? The only other tank I have set up right now is the 10 gallon, and while I think that would be fine temporarily, I'm treating one angel in the 10 gallon for fungus. Could three others be moved in there with no adverse effects of the meds? I'm using lifeguard, and have 2 more days of treatment left. I think the fungus is gone from the affected angel, but I want to make sure it's gone. What should I do?
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Wow, that was quick! I wouldn't move them right now. You're trying to get a breeding pair, yes? Are you going to return all except the breeding pair if they breed successfully? The angels should be fine, in my opinion, if you do not move them. It is also better than moving them into a 10g with a sick fish. The good bacteria might not be able to keep up if you move them all in there at once. I'd just wait it out a bit. Unless some are getting seriously injured it should be ok imo. Also, about whether they are breeding or not, I'm not sure. It could be one of those things where you want it to happen, so you only see the possible signs that it may happen, whereas you ignore the possibility that maybe they are just picking at the slate for no reason at all (seen fish pick at rocks for no reason before), and ya... but it sounds like they may be breeding. The only thing that makes me think that they may likely not be is because I remember seeing them and they were pretty young. But let us know how it goes! :)
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