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Angelfish breeding?

This is a discussion on Angelfish breeding? within the Fish Breeding forums, part of the Advanced Freshwater Discussion category; --> I wish mine would pair off -.- Those are big 8 months! Are they really bigger than a half dollar? My silvers are atleast ...

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I wish mine would pair off -.-
Those are big 8 months!
Are they really bigger than a half dollar?
My silvers are atleast a year old and they're around half dollar size.
Anyways, good luck with the spawn!

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Thanks fishy! Be careful what you wish for... My whole tank is a battleground now... It was mostly peaceful before.

I got these guys for my birthday in early august and they were pea to pre-dime sized (or so she claimed, I would estimate done sized) so I assume they were about a month or so old. So I added the 7.5 months I have had them onto that. I actually have one that is still really small and the big black one that is breeding is about twice his size! So I think their growth hair varies! I have one outside that is huge that was just slightly older from the LFS than these guys.

I'm sure yours will pair off eventually! I can't wait I hear when they do! It's so exciting. I'm not sure mine are even going to lay eggs... They're taking forever! I don't remember my angelfish (like 8 years ago) taking this long to spawn before!

And in regards to their size, I'm not sure how big they are. I'm really bad at judging.... Literally right now since you asked I took out a half dollar coin and held it up to them. The black paraiba one is definitely larger. His zebra mate is abou exactly half dollar size. The others vary... The smallest one is slightly under half dollar. Most of my other fish are all slightly larger.

I calculated what their babies will PROBABLY be :P ^_^ (probably because idk if the zebras are Z/Z or Z/+ probably Z/+) I wish the paraiba would mate with a ghost so I could get some white paraiba fish... not that I have room too keep any.... Still have hope that my two ghosts will get it on together!

1 Blue ghost 6.25 %
2 Blue ghost veil 12.5 %
3 Blue ghost superveil 6.25 %
4 Blue clown 6.25 %
5 Blue clown veil 12.5 %
6 Blue clown superveil 6.25 %
7 Black ghost pinoy 6.25 %
8 Black ghost pinoy veil 12.5 %
9 Black ghost pinoy superveil 6.25 %
10 Pinoy clown 6.25 %
11 Pinoy clown veil 12.5 %
12 Pinoy clown superveil 6.25 %

If my ghosts could get together I would get... (ignoring the veil trait for simplicity)... I really want silver and paraiba blues! :X

1 Blue silver 25 %
2 Blue ghost 50 %
3 Paraiba 25 %

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Oh nice! They look much bigger in the video. Lol
I should clarify, I wish mine would at least drop their tubes so I know who is what gender. Haha
I'm sure at least have are opposite of what their name indicates.

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Haha! Probably. I bet my names are all wrong too. I can't even tell from the tubes. My guess is the black fish is a male and the zebra a female but still I have to wait and see if I can catch which one is actually producing the eggs.

I think my black fish has "withdrawn" his tube mostly... But still looks like they are cleaning leaves.. Hmm
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I saw a breeding pair once. The one that I thought was a female, was actually the male! He was half the size of his mate XD
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Haha I hope the small one is the male. Big female= more eggs. Sperm is small so a small male can still fertilize them all. But I'm thinking the small one is the female... I don't think she'd be able to make many eggs.
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Old 03-25-2014, 03:30 PM   #17
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That's strange about the Ram. Its usually new fish that do that zig zagging up and down against the glass. Maybe he's stressed for some reason? I found another Ram breeder, and this one does his OWN breeding, so you know exactly where they come from. I'm going to order from him instead. He's in Escondido. No hormones either! His water should be real close to mine, and I think that plays a big factor in Ram's health. I'm going to take the plunge, since you are having such good luck!

I sure hope to hear soon that you have Angel eggs, but so sorry they are being so nasty to the other fish. That's the part about breeding cichlids that I don't like. They can be so mean.
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Old 03-26-2014, 12:46 AM   #18
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You should let me know the name (:!

Idk if he's stressed or not because he spends a lot of his time doing this and has for the past few weeks... But when I walk over he comes to beg for food and eats fine and all... Maybe he needs a companion.

The angelfish still are pecking at leaves and sitting in their area and chasing other fish. They seem slightly less aggressive lately.... Still no spawn. They keep going back and forth between a crypt leaf, and different leaves from dfferent sword plants.
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Well, I think the dark one's papilla is mostly back in. They still hang around the same area a lot together and pick at the leaves but it doesn't seem like anything is gonna happen lol.
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5%-10% cold water changes daily, which is basically a 1-2 minute blast of straight cold tap. Live food for the adults, hatch some bbs & toss that in daily, the adults probably won't eat it but will see that it's available for fry.
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