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Naw its not their fault, they are just bad at fertilizing or some other condition in the tank, with more practice they should get better.

Also I use a combination of micro worms and first bites to feed my angle fry and they took to it really well, micro worms are much easier to care for.
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Its all gone. Only about 12-15 eggs are remaining. the rest have been eaten. However the eggs that are remaining are still transperant and i have shifted them to new tank. Have added methylene blue and set the temp at 79. Should that be ok.
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Could see the tail wiggling from those 10-12 eggs. Its around 48 Hrs since the Angel pair swapned....

I am so happy to see thsi. Had gone home during lunch time as i was so impatient.

Thank you all...

The pair is again after the lonely male and now they are so agreesive since i shifted the eggs. They are even poking the big Koi....

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I've raised a number of angelfish....and No, you should just leave them alone. The mother will cull out the viable eggs (that have been fertilized by the dad), just before they get to the wiggler stage. She usually will move them at least one more time before becoming free which point I remove the male to another tank.

Are you still there Santshrey?
I'll continue, if you reply...OK?

daddySEAL in Texas, US
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I have 4 breeding pairs of angelfish. Each in their own 55. My experience is that the mother and father will move the eggs no less than 3 times before the babies become free swimmers. Curious, why you remove the male. Male angelfish are just as dedicated a parent as the female.

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Yes, you are right on that number of moves in more mature females.
My most mature one does that too, but a young one of mine only moved them once.
The more mature males are great parents, but the one with my young female eats the, I remove him.

As with people, responsibility come with age, it seems.

(besides free swimmers, the wiggler stage is my favorite)
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Sorry for replying so late. Actually those wigglers turned to free swimmers but after 2-3 days all died. Meanwhile they had spawned again. but they ate all the eggs after 2-3 days.Just thought enough is enough and gave up.

Today again they have spawned.But again i m not so hopefull. This is the fourth time n now they have laid the eggs on the floor. There is no sand just the glass. but ihave never heard of angels laying eggs like this.
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Removing the eggs is a very tricky business. I tried a few times (eggs and wigglers), and all died. Now I leave them with the parents (only) in a tank by themselves of 30 gal. or larger.

They will eat their eggs an fry, if there is another male or other aggressive fish in there with the parents~!
What did you feed the babies?....(if they lasted that long)

The main thing for survivability of fry is feeding them live food...I use microworms and BBS.

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And twice daily water changes....It is VERY EASY with this:
You hang it on the side of the parent's tank....and it keeps nearly the same temp as their tank and has a bubbler that Automatically changes the water for you.
It is a main reason I having success raising new fry~!!

This video shows it....they come with dividers as shown...IF you want it...I remove it.

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i have angel fish and they had bebaies and they are just now swimming!! how big do they need to be before i move them or can i just let them stay with the parents
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