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awe. i was hoping. lol. do cories breed with other cories? or is that albinos will only breed with albinos and emeralds only breed with emeralds?

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Yes, cories will breed with other types of cories but they will most likely breed with the same species. I have never tried to have them mix as I have always separated my breeding groups.
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how can you tell genders on a cories? i have a pair of albinos and a pair of emerald and one that i don't know what it is. when i bought it, i bought it as an "adoption" from petco. someone brought it in and they never found out what it was. i have no idea how many are females and how many are males.

never stop learning, as new things are discovered everyday.
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It can be difficult/impossible to sex Cories if they are not breeding size and even then you can only be sure if they are preparing to breed. I found this pic with google.

The middle one is clearly a female. She has the classic birthing hips look you are looking for. (wide between the pelvic fins(near anus) and pectoral fins(near gills)

The one on the left is a female as well but it is not as clear as the middle fish. You can still see the wide area just in front of the pelvic fins.

The one on the right is what a male should look like. Thin and with a straight line from the pectoral fins to the pelvic fin. Plus they are normally smaller than the female.
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This is so frusterating for me! My local pet store does'nt have squat of what i need, i'm trying this then i'm trying that. i think i have maybe 10 hatcher's out of this batch and some of died already the rest will probably be dead by morning. I read this and i read that, wish i could just figure this out.
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have you looked online to see if you can order what you need? i know i have poor selection here too.

never stop learning, as new things are discovered everyday.
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Try something simple with them, maybe you'll have luck like I did. Put the babies in a breeding net with some live plants in it, usually Anacharis is good, it's viney and easy to place in there floating or stuck in the sides(I do a tangle of both, they can get around in it fine and hide), add in a little piece of algae for them to eat, a very small piece, and just leave it in there overnight with the lights out(You have to change out a little of the water in the breeder everyday, though you should anyways, even if it has good waterflow in it when you do that, but they get what they need and I haven't seen cories over-eat before, but watch out for it anyways). I find babies need to have food when they want it, and A LOT of hiding places to feel properly secure, otherwise they can see the adult fish but can't get away and this stresses them out. Maybe it's something as simple as that, afterall, they live fine without too much butting in usually. Or you could move the parents and leave the eggs be in the original tank for a week or two. Sometimes it's easier to just move the parents instead of messing with the babies. lol
You can't really keep sand in the breeders...but if you get the net kind they should be fine without hurting their delicate barbels and bellies for a week or two, whenever they're big enough to be with adults. Since I started planting my nets or using the nursery tank(A ten gallon for birthing mothers and babies to grow up in with a lot of plants and hiding caves), I haven't lost any babies. Sometimes with new babies or delicate eggs, it's all about moving them, and the less you have to do so, the better their chances. Although cory eggs don't always give you a choice, especially when they lay them on the heater. ^^;
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