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this morning when doing water change i noticed eggs everywhere. knew they were cory eggs. some ended up on thermometer. so i put them in fry tank. have about 10 eggs. will see what happens, .about 10-12 3 week old swordtail fry in 5 gal. tank. & 4 tiger nerite snails.
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I got babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could'nt be happier.....
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Oh good, Bridgie. Congratulations! I was getting worried reading through your posts. I am so glad you got some babies and I hope they do well. =)
I HATE those bad weeks, I just got over one myself. lol Finding an Orange Dalmation Sailfin Molly and Blue MM Platy was the highlight of my week. Those bad weeks just absolutely suck, but you should -expect- something good to come out of them eventually...because eventually something good has to happen. lol

Also I have a feeding tip once you're able to feed them. That really dusted up flake food is great, and needed but doesn't do much for healthy color and big plant matter needs. You can also give them VERY small amounts of baby brine shrimp(This stuff can help with healthy colors but shouldn't be fed to them regularly, maybe twice per week). I'm a fan of the frozen stuff you can defrost and give to them. And also a very, very, very small piece off of an algae wafer(They love those things and it's great for them with their plant matter needs). Just a little chip, they can group up on it and munch as needed, but then you need to remove it after... oh, half an hour or so. Mainly because the babies will have a little more trouble getting what they need off of it, and because they may all not find it right off the bat. If they all find it right off, only keep it in there for about ten or fifteen minutes. =)

If you have a camera, I would absolutely love a photo of those babies, my cories haven't bred! I just love having baby fish around and taking care of them, although it can be a trying experience, it's usually a fun one. Good luck to you!

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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well bad news is as ech day passed more and more babies died until the fourth day when the last remaining ones died off........

good news is i had put my cories back in this breeding tank after the babes died, and to my surprise and sooner then i thought....... I GOT MORE EGG'S!!!!

So..... i really need to figure out exactly where i went wrong.... one thing i am going to change is looking at a different filter for the tank, bc even on the lowest speed i think the current was a bit much for the babies........
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have a search on here,there are a couple of threads about cory eggs,
i had some results from the eggs i managed to hatch,they were albino
good luck with the next ones.
i'm quite glad my catfish don't produce as much as my fire belly toads do lol
i've got no more tank room.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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mine all got eaten or molded up. got rid of them. who knows maybe i'll get more.
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The albino cory is usually a Corydoras aeneus and are considered by many to be the most prolific cory breeders. Get a heater as soon as you can... temperature fluctuation could be a reason they died. Dont get a new filter for the tank, if you use the specimen container, tank current will not affect the babies.

The basic Cory breeding setup..

Basic tools needed
-scraping device and a catching utensil. This is my setup... Metal pie slicer thingy.

-turkey baster to clean the container

-Over the tank specimen container. There are no openings in this container so daily cleanings are required. I have seen them for sale for $4 and $10.

1- Fill the specimen container with tank water and hang it over the inside of the tank. This way the specimen container will remain the same temperature as the tank.

2- remove eggs carefully and place them into the specimen container. The eggs will be sticky and will likely stick to your scrapper. Do one egg at a time where possible and try to scrape them to the wall of the inside of the specimen container, don't worry if the eggs fall to the bottom of the speciment container and bunch up. Viable eggs will turn a grey color in a day while unfertilized eggs will turn white. Remove these if you can, along with any eggs that have fungi growing on them.

3- Eggs will hatch 3 to 5 days after the parents spawned.

4- Start feeding around 2 days after the the babies hatch. Very fine flake food will work do this several times a day. If you see any babies without an egg sac, start feeding.

These babies still have their egg sac

This baby is around 3 days old and does not have the egg sac.

5- remove 50% of the water in the specimen container at least once a day. I remove the water from the specimen container with a turkey baster and pour it into the main tank. Make sure that you remove any food from the bottom. Once I remove 50%, I fill it back up from the main tank. It is best to do this an hour or two after feeding to make sure left over food doesn't pollute the water. The idea is to provide a small area for the babies so you can watch the babies progress and so they can find food without polluting the tank. They are very poor at finding food for the first few months.

6- After a few months, they should be large enough to join the main tank. I have a grow out tank just for babies and I wait 3 months before I add the babies.


1 Day Old

1 Month Old

3 Month Old

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Thanks again Thoth for your replies!

I did get a heater and had it on the last batch of egg's. I do have a razor blade, eye dropper and breeder cup. By the way great pics!

Something went wrong very quick last time. The reason i spoke about the filter and current is bc when i put the adults back in to breed i noticed they steadily had to fight it even on low speed. I think it could of been very tiring for the fry. Another issue with that filter this time is.. she done smeared her eggs inside the filter tube. I have taken that tube out of the filter scraped off what i could but let the tube sit in the tank for i can not get the ones inside out...... I did go to the store and get a small air flow type of filter but it is working like crap, i think i need to take it back. I cannot get a sponge filter anywhere locally. I don't see the use in the breeder cup thing since i have them in a 5g tank empty with shallow water, as shallow as can be for the filter to work. I ended up having a good number hatch last time but they died off quick. All i know is i have to change something from the last time bc i can't do the same thing and expect different results.
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i just scraped off what i think are cory eggs as well. i hope that they hatch and at least one makes it! i have high hopes. :)

never stop learning, as new things are discovered everyday.
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In my experience, the first spawning of a group of Corydoras is almost a "trial run". You will likely have lower than normal egg counts and quality as well as unfertilized eggs. The Cory will get better at it with some experience.

Good luck :)
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