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Thinking about making my own tank?

So, I'm looking for a very specific tank - a 50-55gallon corner (bowfront) tank for my new apartment, however, if I can find them online - they are way way too expensive to me - upwards of 3-400 bucks just for the tank and I can't find one used anywhere - (NY area).

Now I'm thinkin, has anyone tried to make their own tank before? I know its relatively not THAT difficult to seal a tank with silicon glue.

I guess my question is - has anyone tried this? Think it would be less expensive to make your own tank (provided you do it correctly)?

Just wanted some feedback, even if its someone saying "you're crazy".

- Dæorn
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Man your crazy! O.K now that thats out the way. Have you tried petsmart. I have seen thoughs there. But me personally I wouldn't build one my self because if it were to break or give I wouldn't have no one to choke but myself. If I bought the tank and it broke then I can choke who ever answers the phone at the company that made it.
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It can be and is done by some. Not something I've tried myself ..... yet ;)

I think a bow fronter would be going some though. Where would you source the bowed front piece of glass ? Also the bottom sheet would have to be cut to match the bow of the front piece, not impossible but difficult & costly.

I'd stick to a boring old normal 1 for starters.
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Pretty soon im gona attempt to build my own tank but there is just one important thing to remember. Fill the tank up outside fisrt to check for cracks. Good luck.
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This btw, is really a last resort. No, I don't technically know anyone yet to get the bowed front... however, maybe that's not tooooo hard.

The bottom plate can be done from a circle piece, just measuring the diameter and cutting along that, then again, I've got no experiance.

haha, my girlfriend works at a local petsmart, maybe i'll check there again or have them order something special for me :)

- Dæorn
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I remember seeing a thread somewhere that someone actually built their own tank. It was very time consuming and had problems of leakage. They had redone the tank, cleaning off all the silicone (PITA), and applying new silicone. It was finally succesful.

Corner bowfronts will always be expensive, but if you're patient, you may find a free or cheap one looking at your local classifieds. is very popular, along with local aquarium clubs and forums.
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I found this article recently, it details a very intricate tank & cabinet combo, but the idea could be used to make any tank you would like. The curved glass is going to be the hardest piece to come up with I think. Good luck, and document the construction process if you do end up building one!
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Here's the thread I saw. This guy made his own, all glass tank...
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You will spend more money for the glass than you would for a ready to go tank if you try to build your own bowfront. If you are "handy" you might be able to pull it off using acrylic.
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if it were me, i'd just save up and buy one. i've heard of the real tank manufacturers having problems w/ their bowfront tanks, and u can bet they know better than we do, how to make one. as far as cost....consider the expense of even 30g's of water on the floor. if u can't afford a real one...stick to square tanks.
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