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This is a discussion on Reseal 125g within the DIY Aquarium forums, part of the TFK Resources category; --> ouch im sorry about that. those synos arnt cheap!. They do fine once they were back in the 55. But heres a update so ...

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ouch im sorry about that. those synos arnt cheap!. They do fine once they were back in the 55. But heres a update so far since last night i notice the take is still leaking !!!. So i drained it and begain cleaning up the silicone now im redoing the intire tank and letting it cure for the whole 48hours as stated, patiences is the key..thats what i have learned from this i guess lol
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I noticed there is a thread on this site which illustrates how to reseal a tank. Check that out; maybe it will have tips you can use.

Yeah, those synodontis were wild caught and about 35 bucks each. which, at the time I thought was a fortune.

Now that I am into marine, it doesn't seem so bad. . .
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Brandonl87 (07-30-2012)
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ok ill see if i can find that, yeah i bet marine is way more expensive once you start looking into the cool looking ones lol. Thanks for the advice
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Sorry to revive this but i noticed today it started leaking again!... i resealed everything and waited the correct amount of time for it.
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My sympathies. What a drag. Look at your local cichlid forums (if you have any) to see if anyone posts a used tank for sale at a good price.
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from my experiance with sealing larger tanks is that.
you have to layer the new silicone. takes more time but works better and lasts longer.lay down the first layer give it a few hrs to set to the point when its not tacky then layer another and another.3 layers is perfect for a 225 i did once. you might get away with maybe 2 for a 125.
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If you know which area is leaking I would take a razor and cut the glass panel that is leaking off. Clean off all the silicon and then reattach the panel with fresh silicon. Once its back in place apply a fresh bead of silicon to the inside seams and spread flat with fingers. You want a thicker layer near the seam and you want it to be flatter at the edges of the bead. This allows the water to press on the thin layer making the seam extra water tight. The thinned out are needs to be about 1/2 inch out on either side of the main bead. Applying an extra thick bead will help. In my opinion, applying new silicon on top of old does not make for a good seal. The old silicon will not adhere well to the new because while in service it collects all kinds of crap in its pores. Besides the chemical bond does not occur with old and new material. I would strip out all of the old silicon from the inside and then reseal. Heres where the biggest issue comes from. The silicon that holds the glass together is old and will not attach well to the new silicon that you are using to seal the edges. This is why it is difficult to reseal old tanks. The best way is to disassemble the entire tank and redo all seals and joints, but unless you have the jigs to hold things together it is not worth doing this. So remove all the silicone and redo the inside seams first. If it still leaks then you might have no choice but to take the tank completely apart and rebuild it.
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I was really hoping brandon had fixed the thing by now and was posting pictures of the tank in use.

But thanks, Goldfishyman, for a well-described and helpful post.
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