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I hate to be the "naysayer" here


the problems are viral and accumulation of salts, metals, etc.!

Can our astronauts drink their urine after proper filtration?

Can they drink it ten times?
Nope: not without the deposition of metals into their primary organs as well as salts into their primary and secondary organs.

Ever seen "The Right Stuff"?
Measles is viral.
Chlorination will not kill viruses instantaneously.
Hence minimum detention times in raw water treatment facilities.

Can nature be simulated?
The answer is probably but only with “serious” detention times and filtration emulation.

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Originally Posted by crazie.eddie
A UV filter and an RO/DI Filter will remove any parasites/bacteria that could be a possible concern for any illness or disease.
Ce: I very much respect your experience but my post was directed to Viral and not Bacteriologal pathogens.

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I have used "old" water to help cycle a new tank. If one wanted to use "used water" on a regular basis, I believe that the initial investment would definitely create a vacuum in the old pocket book. UV sterilizers, RO systems, sterile holding tanks............ Personally, I'll just let the better half use my old water for watering her plants. Fish poop works wonders on them. Besides, if I were to set a system to recycle old water, I wouldn't be able to buy MORE fish or fish tanks!
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