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New Fish Store need help and oppinions

I am going to start a business of a tropical fish store. Could I have some ideas on how to do the rack and the filters.

My idea was that I do tanks 60cmx30cmx30cm and others 120cmx30cmx30cm. Is this a good size? I will be getting only freshwater fish for now until the store will begin up and running.

About the filters I was going to do it by sump on the bottom of the rack and feeding 3 aquarium. Is this good or should I put a filter in each tank and that way I could have 4 display tanks instead of 3? If I put a filter in each aquarium should it be external or internal?

About the rack I had this in mind that I will do similar with aluminium obviously fitted by a professional aluminium worker.

Last thing should I put grave or no? I prefer no gravel because it is easier to clean.
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very nice.
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First of all let me wish you good luck! I've been looking into the same thing and throwing some ideas around.

Tank size, will all depend on the fish you are housing of course and your sizes seem to be about right but its probably something you will just have to figure out as you go (maybe theres a hidden shop keeper here on the forum that can help more)

Sump or no... If I was going to do a setup with a ton of tanks, I would defiantly look at doing a sump setup, its over all less maintenance required then having each tank separate, let me throw some points at you at why I would go with sump setups;

1. When you need to do water changes you can change from the sump so you do multiple tanks at once, saving you time especially when you need to change 10's and 10's at a time.

2. With constantly fluctuating stock levels the sumps will save you from having to constantly moving filter material around to keep the bacteria going, as your bound to keep at least one of the tanks in the sump full of fish.

3. If you need to move fish from tank to tank as long as its in the same setup you can instantly move them since its the same water.

4. Keeps the display tanks free of ugly filters and heaters, plus you will need to invest in less heaters and replace less of them since one will handle all the tanks.

Some cons of course are the chance of disease out breaks between multiple tanks, the higher setup cost and the greater chance for leaks. But all in all its worth it in my opinion, plus you will only loose the bottom 2 feet for display, an area most people don't like going that low anyways (besides kids). And if you really need the extra tanks then you can go with a stack of 30x30x30 for the smaller fish or fish you have less quantity of.

If you do decide to go with filters then use sponge filters, they are easier to move around and take care of.

As for gravel, I'd say no for the most part, its easier to maintain with out it and easier to catch fish but I've sure for some fish you will want to add some gravel.
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Starting a fish store is a big dream of mine. I just wanted to say good look and i would like to keep in touch and see how yours is doing and if theirs anyway i could help you.
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Live plants in the tanks would be a plus. They are good for the fish and really set the place off. You can also sell the live plants that you keep in the tanks.
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You're soooo lucky! I wish you best of luck and have fun with it!

110 gallon
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The only thing if you are not going to have gravel I would paint the bottom of the tanks.

I've always wondered though in a store with gravel even on a sump I would assume the gravel still needs to be vacuumed?
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i would recomend not going with sumps and just doing an air driven internal filter system for each tank either purchased or DIY.keep the shop hot to save on tank heating.i would also recomend gravel for most of the tanks as this will allow for a greater bioload and plants if you wish.honestly when i did bare bottoms it seemed cleaner but things can crash fast with alot of livestock and it took daily siphoning to look remotely clean.and as far as tank size do a couple racks of the smaller size and a rack of the larger.even if you deceide on larger fishes the smaller tanks can be quarintines.good luck this can be a tough buisness.

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Would use sponge filters on all tanks driven by suitable air pump such as Luft pumps with gang valves.
Would use maybe powerheads to increase movement for fishes that enjoy it.
Could plumb all tanks with single automatic drain and fill? With exception of those where water chemistry has been tweaked to suit different species?.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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What about a corner box filters?

About gravel I think the fish will show more colors so I think I will go for some black gravel and not small gravel so I could clean it more easily.

About lightning should I do 1 white and 1 red or just red to take out more colour?
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