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Originally Posted by kritas View Post

AquaticMadness: I'm almost finished the project babe
Girlfriend: I don't care, it's either me or the fish.
AquaticMadness: The doors that way then--->

How true it is. She always said I was obsessed with the fish and loved them more. This was not true, if she was into animals of any kind it might be different. Come in between me and my dream all I have to say is
nah nah nah nahh, nah nah nah nahh.. hey hey hey goodbye!
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lmao kritas you have around 99 more tanks than me haha
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Can't wait to see more pictures - maybe you could post some of the tanks you've got set up upstairs :o) bet uv got some pretty cool fish.

I'm thinking it could be worse for your gf u could have lots of reptiles downstairs uuuuurh now that's scary! heh just run that idea by her maybe
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So just curious...where is this traveling fish show located ATM anyways?

This is the song that never ends...
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That is so freaking awesome! I'd love to even have half the tanks you do! Being 17 and not having a job sucks! I don't have the money to buy a nice tank. The biggest one I have is a 29? gallon and it's for my turtles. So for right now I'm stuck with a 20gal. I'd like to get a bigger tank but right now I can't. If you don't mind me asking, how much money did you spend on all those tanks!?

Tank Set up

29gal tank

3 Zebra Danio's
1 Molly
3 Black finned Tetra's
4 Sunburst Platies
2 dwarf Gourami fish
2 Pletco
2 fancy female guppies
4 Snails

90gal tank

2 red eared slider turtles
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The money was around $8,000 for everything but it's all gone now. I am in upstate NY. My website is up and will have to be updated. My ex pulled the heat and shut the blower down when I wasn't there so everything has died and I am homeless and have no fish. I will rebuild and it will be better. I will keep you all updated. It is nice being single now though.
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post #27 of 41 Old 12-15-2008, 08:42 PM
Did she do it on purpose because that's a jerk move. Haha I don't know how this site takes to swearing.
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i hate to hear what she did but hang in there and you will make it bigger and better next time.

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dude i would report her to the aspca. dont they cover all pets? you could probably get her arrested for animal cruelty. but let me switch from the legal side of me (uga law school is in my future). you shouldve taken your tanks and left the fish in her basement.....all of them. so then she would have to clean up what she had done.

__________________________________________________ ________

37 Gallon Freshwater

1 African dwarf frog-Kermit
2 Red wag Platies-Bo (barack obama) and JB (joe biden)
1 Mickey mouse platy-Mickey
1 Sunburst platy-Sonny
1 Opaline Gourami- Opie
1 Apistogramma Agassiz- Aggie
6 Neon Tetras
2 German Blue Rams
1 Chinese Algae Eater
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post #30 of 41 Old 12-16-2008, 12:12 PM
That was a very irresponsible and cruel thing to do.
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