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you guys are really great and so very help.... thanks everybody!!!!

-WYRD n latre
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IMO that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Just be aware if you ever loose suction in the bridge you will have one tank drained and the other tank overfilled till your filter is sucking air.....

More surface area also means more heat loss... so is it really being efficient?

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Well its probably more efficient than running 3 filters, and 3 heaters. 2 heaters and 1 filter would be adequate for a system like this. In terms of suction, assuming the tanks are all the same height, the water level will be even through all 3, just make sure you top the tank off regularly. If you need to go on vacation or something, then consider getting a lid(assuming you dont have one arleady) or add a segment of tubing to entrance and exit sections of the bridge so the suction remains intact even if the water level falls.

If you have the time, there are also water level checkers that you can buy that will auto shutoff your system if the water drops below a certain level. Its more work, but consumes less power overall.
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I'm still not following it though. If you cut a heater out of the equation does that really save more power? It would also be much easier to run all the tanks off one airpump that consumes a few watts. The heaters heat the water and heat it to a set temperature. Removing a heater IMO may save you more power, but it also may not make any difference. What you had was 3 heaters that were on some of the time, now you have 2 heaters that are on more to heat the tank the same. What it really comes down too is how much energy does it take to heat the tank, because I don't think it will change just because you removed a heater. Just like if you had 2 heaters in a 55 gallon, they would run less often then one heater, but since the run time is split between the two your still consuming pretty much the same power. The biggest factor with heaters and overall energy consumption for the tank is how much are you heating it and how much heat loss is there. Even if you exchange a 300 watt for a 200 watt heater the 200 watt is going to be running longer, but will be consuming less energy when it does. I personally don't think you will see a difference in energy consumption. The heater is only using power when the indicator is on.

Again the heater is you biggest consumer in a tank, even in a high tech tank. Aquariums though do not really consume that much power. In a year's time my worst one consumes $100 in electricity, and that is with the heater keeping the tank at least 15 degrees above room temperature in the winter. My 15 gallon that runs 3 WPG costs about $43 a year, but probably less since its in my closet and sees less heat loss then most of my tanks. Still even with 3WPG on 10 hours a day my heater being on 8 hours a day makes up 55% of that $43 energy cost.

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Hmm Mikaila makes a good point, in 5-10g setups, airpump filters would work well and you can run 3 off one pump, so its like consuming the power of 1 and the heaters would run longer since they need to heat the same volume of water anyway.

However, in 3 10g tanks heat loss is not terrible your heaters may not actually have to run as hard, for example, using a jager heater, the smallest wattage is 50w, for 10-30g aquariums. In 3 tanks, your heat source would be 3x 50w heaters. However, in 3 10g setups, you would only get 2 50w heaters. The flow of water should even out the temprature differences. You might even be able to get away with only 1 50w heater. Although 3x heaters would run for less times and consume less power, whereas 2 heaters will run for longer, the overall power used will still be less since all heaters still use power even when not actively heating. The actually amount of power saved is probably negligible, but anything short of hooking a system up to wind power or something, more tanks will always take more power.
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If one honestly wishes to save in energy costs it is much more about being efficient then anything. Use the AC less, it saves you power with the AC and with heating the tanks. Insulate the aquariums and if possible find an external heat source to set them near. Like you heater in the winter or simply away from the AC.

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But if i turn the AC down it will be hot...jk.

+1, I turn my heater off and ac down in the summer, saves me several months worth of heating costs.
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