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Originally Posted by titusoates
Any update on your led lighting?? I am looking to do something similar on my 48" reef tank; so question; what power supply did you use, and have you solved the heat problem? this fits a 30" how many leds for the 48"

I have found a few websites that may be of interest

Hiya Kevin, my LED's are European manufactured Phillips Luxeon 1W 5600K. They cost 6 Euro each landed and I've never seen them on ebay. I got mine from www.dotlight.de . I cured the heat issues by slotting the two ali bars the LED's are mounted on so they can expand without bowing. I also use an anticondensation cover which helps keep the water temp under control. The power supply I started out with was a 24V 10A unit salvaged from an old industrial control panel, this subsequently packed up and been replaced by a 3A unit from Maplins.

The reason I havn't up-dated the thread is that, other than the failed PSU and one LED having to be replaced, my lights are running just the same about a year later. TBH I don't know how many or what light temp you would require for a reef tank but would love to hear how you get on with it should you have a go.
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Hi Mike, I porposefully chose more expensive Luxeons of stated "point of manufacture" as there some seriously dodgy Chinese and Korean immitations about. If you check the 2nd link you posted it says

"SOLD AS-IS ONLY GUARANTEED TO WORK WHEN POWER IS FIRST APPLIED " .......... ....... also states 3W at the head of the page and 1W at the top of the specification. It's not only the reliability but how close they get to the specified performance.

When the difficulty of changing them and the fact they should just about last forever is taken into account I wouldn't skimp on them myself :)

The lenses and stuff you linked to appear to be top banana though I have a set waiting to be fitted to my lamps ..... havn't got round to it yet though .....
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dude, awesome job with the led's! it brings the colors out of the fish so perfectly! the pleco looks awesome under them. how many snails do you roughly have in there? i was gunna get one but man, after seein that it looks like they would be hard to get rid of.

but back to the lights awesome man, purely awesome.

"if today were a fish i'd throw it back"

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