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Maybe over estimated the size of your project, how many tanks are you looking at getting? If you get multiple racks of tanks then you can easily adjust pH on a per rack basis in the pretreated water for the auto top off. But if you are only looking at one rack then it might be a waste of resources.

Also you can always disconnect a tank from the system to adjust its parameters for spawning, then once the job is done reconnect it to the system.

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well for now I think that I am going to do a rack with around 6x 15or20 gallons and 3x 30 gallons. Still not sure about the sump. Practically what I was thinking and maybe this should work fine I was going to make the breeding tanks with a specific low ph and gh and the rearing with high ph and gh which is my tap water source. But I need to do the change in the small tank (15 or 20 gallon tank) gradually that it takes around 2-3 weeks and when the fry is completely adapted to new water parameters I just move them. The parents will be removed from tanks as soon as they will become free swimming.

What do you think?
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Originally Posted by migdem View Post
what is PT please?
Pressure Treated lumber. It has chemicals in it to resist wood boring insects. It's safer now but still if it can kill termites……

Not something I want around my fish or my child. When I work with it it's with a mask and gloves these days. And I try not to work with it at all if possible. The old formula was CCA. Chromated Copper Arsenate. It's been improved some but I still like to err on the side of caution.Alkaline Copper Quat is the latest iteration but it's not been around all that long and the fasteners are treated different than for CCA.
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Sounds pretty good, what species are you looking to breed? Or still undecided? If its a small enough and clean enough species you can probably go down to 10 gallons for the breeding and first part of grow out, 20's for the 2nd stage of grow out and the 30's for holding, man I wish I had the time money and space for something like this. Hell I just wish my bolivian rams would stop eating their wrigglers.
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I was thinking of breeding angelfish and catfish such as ancistrus and pekoltia. As breeding I beleive these fish requires ph of 7 or low so I start with this but then after they hatch I will start changing water to ph8 and gh around 16.
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