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Sponge filters are perfect without carbon. They never remove what you want it to anyways which is ammonia. You should never have to buy anything. I recommend getting ammonia remover as it removes what you want it too but you don't need it. Sponge filters are great. I just bought the filter pictured above. The Bubbler by Penn Plax. If you really want to have carbon you can buy one of those and put it in the tray and add filter floss. Instead of carbon use ammonia remover. Also if you use this filter make sure you get an aquarium rock and put in the filter to weight it down. It will float otherwise.It works great and I highly recommend using it.
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Well, sponge filters are designed to house beneficial bacteria that process ammonia into nitrite and eventually into nitrate. Ammonia removing filter media are, in my opinion, useless except possibly in emergency situations (and even then I can think of better options).

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Flow rates tend to be slower when driven by airpumps, but a sponge can work fine as the only filter in the tank, depending on fish load and how heavily planted the tank is.

If driven by a powerhead, flow rates are higher, but the sponge tends to fill up faster, and requires cleaning more often. I've had powerheads collapse a sponge, due to the much higher suction as the sponge pores gradually clog.

Also, plecos like to eat sponges, so if used in a tank with a pleco, they will require regular replacement.

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