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Originally Posted by Trofishlore View Post

Well the fixture really isn't sitting on the acrylic or glass since it's connected to the two plugs on end. It's just an inch or half inch above the fixture. There's a small two or three centimeter rail installed inside on my hood that allows me to put in a glass or acrylic top on to prevent water or any fishing flying out of the tank. Right now I don't think it really matters. I'm gonna go to my local hardware store and buy a sheet of acrylic 18" x 24" and get it cut to size, so around 18.5" x 3" to hand on the rails guarding the fixture. I'll just wait and see.
Thanks for the posts.
Hmmm, so a light fixture can sit directly on top of a plexi-glass and acrylic top?

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Originally Posted by CinBos View Post
Hmmm, so a light fixture can sit directly on top of a plexi-glass and acrylic top?
No its going to warp. Even the plexiglass top on my 5 gallon warps pretty badly. The lights he has sit on the edge of the tank rim and the center brace. If you want any decent tops they should be glass, the extra cost will be made up since they will last 7+ years. You can also remove hard water build up from glass pretty well, while its very difficult to do using any kind of plastic top. I use glass tops on all my tanks except a few small ones. One has a silly warped piece of acrylic the other has plastic wrap. I like the plastic wrap better honestly...

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Its plastic wrap for me too! The acrylic piece that came with the kit got hard water stains. I tried to clean them but it got scratched real bad.
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yeah scrubing will scratch plastics and the strong acids will cloud them. Best way to clean glass tops is to scrub off the loose stuff then soak it in CLR and scrub some more. You can also soak it in vinegar but it will take longer.
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