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This is a discussion on Foam Filters within the DIY Aquarium forums, part of the TFK Resources category; --> I used foam pads that you can find here as well in well selected LFS they're about 1.5-2" thick and usually come in squares ...

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I used foam pads that you can find here as well in well selected LFS they're about 1.5-2" thick and usually come in squares like 1sq ft, 2 sq ft etc. I then places them in the corners of tanks with a lil hole cut in the upper center part and a small pump behind the "Filter-Square" with its nozzle sticking out.
Since my sever just crapped out on me, I have no access to my pictures to see if I have one for ya...Lemme see what I can find online that resembles the set up I used, brb...
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Here's 1 pic that closely resembles what I built
Here's another neat set-up of the HMF I do like, its the same foam, but rather then messing putting it in your corner, its tied together as a circle with the filter heat in the center of it and a outlet

As for the flow, many of these set-ups from reputable aquarists suggest a flow rate 2x the tank volume per 1 hrs, for Example 55g tank > 110 gallon/hrs pump.
However all my plants were heavily planted and not nearly overstocked so in my set up I had VERY little flow rate, it kept the water circulated & clean but didn't cause a "wave" in the tank for my plants.

What I found very usable are the little pump's you find in hardware stores that are sold for these little table water fountain set up's. Once I had tested these for my 20 gallon, I then used these only as a pump for the HMF filters.
The reason I like this filter set up so much apart from being cheap & easy, its maintenance free, you never have anything like a hose braking off on your canister and flooding your house, doesn't clog up or is loud like a common HOB. And in all the yrs of usage I never had a singel problem of any type I could report here

Also on the up side, if you use this set up for tanks that also house shrimps: Not only does this enable your shrimp population to grow QUICK (not getting sucked in the commen HOB filters) but they also LOVVVVEEEE the filter mat's for a snack bar, once the filter ran for a while collecting all sorts debris they always been all over mine like a gang of cows out on the pasture lol

The breeders I thankfully got to know while where were overseas, any & all of them use this system ONLY in their tank set up's (we're talking bout guys with fish ROOMs here and like many many many tanks). Just simply cause its such a hassel free system all around. I think that's why it was so popular over there, cause its simple and works.
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I had a very similar concept in many of my tank when I ran a fishroom at home. I used empty 1 or 2 liter bottles, with holes cut in the bottom. I stuffed the bottom 2/3 with various materials, ranging from filter floss to scrubbie pads, to bioballs. I found that inexpensive scrubbies from the Dollar Store worked very well. A layer of gravel in the very bottom helps to hold it in place and prevent it from floating.

At this point all you need is an airstone stuck down the top to create water flow. These can be easily hidden by a stack of lava rock. You can also buy bulk artificial plant material from hobby supply stores and wrap these bottles so they blend in completely with the aquascapping.

Bottom line, you can run about 3 x 29 gallon tanks with a Tetra Luft pump and a few of these homemade units.
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Undoubted workable solution too. I just personally found the 'foam-corner' more attractive, toss some Java on there and you got a neat green filter wall I personally wouldn't care for the bottle in my tanks. And I'd be careful with the plastic non-aqua plants, they're sometimes treated with chem's for the colors you really don't wanna let loose in your tank - Just be careful there
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