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post #11 of 18 Old 12-27-2006, 08:52 PM
gotta have a ball valve on the intake side anyways in case u lose power or the pump seizes or something like that. 55g of water
I had mony times that I would leave to go to the store come back and there is 30 gals of water on the floor. So to save the power going out problem(which Happens once a week) I bought a $200 battery back up.It last with just the sump pump close to 52 hours. Its a good investment if you do not have a reef ready.
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My 125 is not reef ready. It has 2 HOT 1,200GPH overflows. Each is piped with 1 1/2" PVC, that's 4 total. I live in a neighborhood that is about 100 years old, my house is just a little under that. We lose power about once a month but in 2 years, I've never once had water on my floor.
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Its the military housing the pump would stop and the siphon on the over flow would break and never start back when the power came back on. So I just bought the battery backup to never have to worry about it again.
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The sump, if it is big enough will hold the extra if the power goes out. The safeties in place with either a short intake or the hole drilled will prevent the syphoning of 3/4 of the tank. Only a gallon or two can come back out and the sump should have enough room to handle 1 more gallon than you expect to be able to come out if anything happens.

The battery backup will work assuming that nothing happens to the prop and the pump stops without losing power.

I thought that there was a ton of things you had to do to make a system safe and prevent water disasters but Mike's idea and setup eliminates all of them that I can come up with.

One could even setup a ready made tank for an overflow by siliconing glass around the tank about 1 inch wide all the way around except where the overflow for the sump will be. I have seen this done although I have not been able to find instructions to do it.

Whatever you do, the right safeties eliminates the worry and the right size sump filled to an appropriate level will handle any backflow that might occur if the power goes our or the pump stops.

I do not however have a solution for the suction loss. I don't know what is normally used to feed the water back in so I can't say.
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I do have a question that might help to clarify things a little. I thought a sump and wet/dry setup was designed so that the water used a "waterfall to get to the sump. If this si the case, where is the issue with suction? If not, I assume that you are talking about a standard pipe that hangs into the aquarium and sucks water out in which case suction would be an issue.

It seems to me like the first option is the easiest and have the most safety build right into it. I know some have talked about cutting the tank but the siliconed glass can do the same thing for those that don't want to cut the tank they spent a couple hundred $ on.

cp5041, didn't mean to hijack the thread. :)
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F4A, Yes I was referrign to the "waterfall" type HOT overflow boxes. Porks mentioned using a single tube all the way to the bottom of the tank. I don't know anybody that has ever ran one that way. USMC brings up another point, what if your overflow's utubes lose their siphon while the power is out? See the Utubes will still hold water while the power is off and then when the water line rises after power is restored, it will automatically renew itself. But if your Utubes break siphon your pump will overflow the non draining tank. I've only heard of that happening very rarely. The idea of a UPS to drive the pump so the tubes never lose siphon is a good idea. I'd think $60 for a different overflow box would be more reliable and cheaper though.
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thanks for the info guys. i think im goin to go with a mag 5 pump, im a little indecisive if i should use the mag 5 or one of the quiet one pumps. i hear good things of both of them.
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post #18 of 18 Old 01-03-2007, 10:01 PM

Mags are well, mags. Not very efficient and kinda loud. Mags are made int he US, Eheims are made in Germany. Think, Ford vs Porsche. They both get the job done but one is way more refined and luxurious.
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