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DIY Tank Lid

so i have a new 30 gal and there is no lid
i dont think anywhere around here sells tank lids

anyone have an easy way to make a simple lid or something?
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I could use this info too, I just got a 15 gallon with no top or light :/

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yeah and i just tripped over the lid for my 20gal and broke it >.< so now i need two lids D:
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It'd be a cinch to build one out of plywood. Just cut a piece of plywood (1/4" or 1/2" depending on tank dimensions) a bit larger than the top of the tank (leaving, say, 1/2" all the way around). Screw some trim on around the edges to keep it positioned, jigsaw out a hole for the light, voila.
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another option you could use plexy glass. it is really easy to cut and fairly cheep. i made some for my two ten gallon breeding tanks and suspended an extra long light over the two of them they look really good!

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post #6 of 18 Old 10-27-2009, 11:53 PM
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you could also take some mesh and build a wood frame, put the mesh over and lay the lights on top

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I cut a reptile top(mesh) to fit my 29 when I had a dragon fish

5 gallon
3 MTS(sure to be mean more soon)

55 gallon
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thanks for all the great suggestions guys :)
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Here's what I built, cheap, nice & easy
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post #10 of 18 Old 11-10-2009, 09:00 PM Thread Starter
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thats really awesome!
is the original top underneath the one you made holding the lights?
my 30 gal doesnt have anything on top of it so id have to make something to hold onto the lighting as well
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